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5 Color Combos to Rock Family Pictures

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5 Color Combos to Rock Family Pictures!

It is that time of year again-Family pictures are happening everywhere!  And can we just have an honest moment about how hard it is to get your family ready and coordinated and happy for family pictures?  Deep breathes is my motto on family picture day.  So today I am sharing some of my favorite color combos for family pictures to help take the guess work out for you!  Here is 5 Color Combos to Rock Family Pictures!

5 color combos to rock family pictures! Picture by Meegan Littlefield

Black, Teal, and Navy For Family Pictures

Personally I love mixing colors that you don't typically see together.  Black and blue is one of those combos!  I also love adding a pop of color too, which is why I added the teal color.  Try starting your family outfits with more neutral colors and then add a color or two that you wouldn't normally expect and you will love the outcome!

5 Color Combos to Rock Family Photos! Picture by Gugelman Photography

Yellow and Blue for Family Pictures

Yellow and blue are just classic colors.  You can't really go wrong with this combo.  If you can't tell both colors are ones I am drawn back to year after year!  Also don't worry about everything being so matchy matchy.  All the yellows don't have to match exactly or all the blues.  Different shades of the same color are fine and add another dimension/texture to the picture!

5 Color Combos to Rock Family Pictures! Picture by Meegan Littlefield

Red, White and Blue for Family Pictures

I love how this picture started.  Each family member decided to just wear whatever they felt comfortable in, ya know,their own personal style, and in their own way ending up matching perfectly!  Red, white and blue is always a classic choice but as you can see here doesn't always mean patriotic.  They added a few pops of camel brown which also balance out the red, white and blue perfectly!

5 Color Combos to Rock Family Pictures! Picture by Meegan Littlefield

Black, Grey & Yellow for Family Pictures

With a hint of blue it should say!  Grey and yellow is also another popular choice for family photos, so of course I had to add a few unexpected colors like gold and blue!  I think the key is to remember to coordinate outfits, not necessarily match outfits.  Pick colors/schemes that compliment each other and you will love your pictures for years to come!

5 Color Combos to Rock Family Pictures! Picture by Leah Stallings Photography

Tan, Grey & Olive Green for Family Pictures

I am a sucker for Olive Green and I actually found this color combo on paint!  Don't be afraid to look for family picture outfit inspiration in unconventional places. Pinterest of course is a wealth of color combos from actual pictures of families, to paint samples, to fabric!  Go with your gut and with colors/combos that you will love years to come!

Have you taken family pictures this year?  If so, what color combo did you go with?

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