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5 Movie Themed Party Ideas

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Everyone loves a good party. Unfortunately, after a certain age, there isn't much thought put into party planning anymore. You show up with some chips and sit around with friends until it's time to go home. A simple way to take your parties from drab to fab is to throw a movie-themed party. After all, the kids always get the party time. Why not have a little fun once the kids go to sleep? Everyone needs down time with their friends, and you’re no exception.

5 Movie Themed Party Ideas

These five movies will make for fun and interesting parties you and your friends will talk about for years to come.

The Addams Family

Addams Family Values (1993)


The Addams Family is a great themed party to throw because the costumes are easy to put together. Not everyone is able to slap together a movie-quality costume for one night of socializing, so let them off the hook for this one. Grab a black dress, wax your mustache, and get creepy.

For the decor, just bust out your Halloween decorations. Put headstones in the front yard with your guest's names on them, a few spiders on the table, a fog machine in the corner, and some creepy music playing in the background to really set the mood.

For refreshments, you can make a bubbling potion punch and some finger sandwiches that look like fingers. You can even have the movie streaming on a website from different televisions and computers around the house so everyone stays in a spooky mood. Make sure you don't forget to have a very dramatic Morticia and Gomez dance scene, too.

Jurassic Park

This one may make you think of a five-year-old's birthday party, but it doesn't have to be exclusively for the kids. The costumes are relatively easy to put together. Throw on some cool khakis and a neckerchief if you're going to dress as Dr. Grant or Dr. Sattler, or a sweet leather jacket if you're going to dress as Dr. Malcolm. You can decorate your house with Jurassic Park banners and models of different dinosaurs. This would make for a great outdoor party, if you have access to a yard. You can bury dinosaur bones in different places and have lush green plants all around.

The food is the best part for this one. Do your best to recreate that amazing spread of food in the welcome center with all the pies and cakes; just don't forget the green Jell-O.

Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction would make a great movie theme for the dancing alone. You could easily recreate that iconic scene in Jack Rabbit Slim's by hosting a dance contest with your friends. Serve up some extra thick milkshakes and maybe a Royale with Cheese. Since it's such a quotable movie, you could do charades of your favorite scenes and let everyone take turns acting something out. Costumes and decorations are minimal for this one, so it'd be perfect for a last-minute party idea.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter fans are die-hard, so if you're going to throw a Potter party, you need to go big. It may seem old-fashioned to send invitations in the mail, but this occasion calls for it. Find some yellowed papyrus and use a fancy script font to print out what you want your invites to say, and make sure the Hogwarts School seal is on the top. Once everyone arrives you can sort them into their houses and have colorful hats and scarves ready for them to wear. Since you're the host, you get to be Dumbledor, so whatever you say goes.

Make sure you have a feast ready with lots of pumpkin juice and chocolate frogs. Once everyone is stuffed, get a spirited game of Quidditch going. You can find recipes and rules for everything from the Wizarding World online

The Artist

This one is a bit more theatrical than the others, since the time period of this movie, the 1920s, has a specific style. This is your chance to pull out all the stops. Grab a flapper dress and an art deco head band, shine your shoes, and slick back your hair. Everyone can do the Charleston and their best vaudeville routines.

The decor is simple: black and white. You can set up director's chairs, big umbrella lights, and have some records spinning in the background. You could also set up a photo booth with chalk word bubbles so people can make up their own silent movie scenes of women fainting and dastardly men.

What are some of your favorite ways to celebrate your family's birthdays?


Featured image: Free Digital Photos. Addams Family image via Flickr by quicheisinsane.

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