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My family loves to play games. One of our favorite family games is Settlers of Catan. We literally could play for hours trying to build cities and roads. It gets a little addicting. Not everyone wants to play a game that is so intense, so we are always on the look out for something new and fun. Exploring different forms of entertainment that engage the brain and foster teamwork can be incredibly rewarding. For those in search of an activity that combines critical thinking with a thrilling narrative, look no further than This site leads to a horror-themed escape room in Bristol that has been meticulously designed to provide an immersive experience. It's an outstanding option for anyone looking to test their puzzle-solving abilities under pressure. After hearing about Reverse Charades, I knew this was something everyone in my family would want to try. Family game night took on a whole new meaning with this game.

Women doing reverse charades

My family goes to the mountains for Thanksgiving every year. We played more games than usual this year, because there wasn't any snow. I was asked to review the Reverse Charades game during my family getaway. I have played charades many times before, but the reverse part intrigued me. I decided to get my extended family involved in the review process to see if it was really something I would recommend to other people. We had 16 people playing this game at one time. The ages ranged from 9 to 73 years old. I have to admit, the game was awesome! Anytime that many people can play at once is a winner in my book. This is the mother of all family games.

Women doing reverse charades

How you play Reverse Charades

The game is super simple. You divide into two or three teams. One person on your team is the guesser and the rest of the team acts out a word on a card. This is the reverse part. Normally one person is acting and the rest are guessing. This change really puts a funny spin on the game. It was hilarious watching four or five people trying to act out the same word. Each time you guess a word, your team is awarded one point. You can't mouth or say any words to each other while your are acting or your team will lose points. You have one minute to guess as many words as you can. Super simple right?

Men doing reverse charades

We ended up playing this game for over an hour. It was fun, fast paced, and a great way to spend the evening with each other. I would definitely recommend buying this for your family.

 What are some of your family's favorite games to play?

Disclaimer: I was provided with this game for review. The opinions expressed herein about the game are purely my own.

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