Baby Care: How To Create a Good Sleep Environment

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Now that my baby is two months old, I entered into the world of trying to create and stick to a feeding and sleeping schedule. During the first few months, the baby was feeding every few hours around the clock so it was normal and healthy for him to sleep a few hours at a time. As his feedings have begun to grow further apart, my husband and I noticed a trend and started keeping track of his needs and at what time of day in an effort to implement a schedule over the next month.

Because sleep is so important, especially for a baby, I wanted to make sure that I was providing my son with everything that he needed for a restful sleep. A safe crib, firm mattress, and comfortable pajamas were just some of the items that I made sure to keep in his nursery. Another item that I have found to be useful when trying to develop a schedule has been white noise. When Marpac reached out to me and asked me to try out their Dohm Bundle, I was immediately intrigued. Their white noise machine seemed like the perfect addition to the nursery ...


... and it was. The Dohm (the white device in the photo above) was designed to help mask unwanted, uncontrollable disturbing noises that interfere with a baby's ability to sleep, relax, or concentrate.

What I loved most about the Dohm was that it created the natural sound of rushing air, unlike other white noise machines that work on a digital loop and cut off after a set period of time. Plus, the Dohm was lightweight, easy-to-use, and traveled easily. When I received the Dohm, all that I had to do was set it on a firm surface, plug it in, and flip the on/off button. As they say, "Plug it in. Turn it on. Tune Distractions out." It was that easy ... and my son loved it.

When the box arrived, I was happy to see that it not only came with the Dohm sound conditioner, but it also included a serious sleep storybook and a booklet on sleep training 101 that was filled with all sorts of sleep tips and tricks. Simply put, the entire package was a serious sleep baby bundle.

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4 Elements of a Good Sleep Environment

As we all know, good sleep is important during early childhood development. Here are four elements that will help make sure your baby receives good sleep.

1.) Temperature

Be sure to keep the room temperature at a cool, yet comfortable temperature. You'll want to check your baby's skin to see if he/she is too warm or cold. If the baby and/or room is too warm, then you might increase the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

2.) Dark Room

Bright lights tell the body that it is time to be awake, while dim lights tell the body that it is time to sleep. When the body knows that it's time to sleep, it will produce melatonin, a calming hormone. Having too much light in the bedroom will result in little or no melatonin produced. If your baby wakes during the night and needs to be fed or changed, keep the lights as dim as possible. Having a nightlight in the room will help you to avoid having to turn on the overhead light or a lamp.

3.) Firm Bedding

The crib should have a firm mattress with a tight fitting sheet. Research has shown that having pillows and stuffed animals in the crib increase the risk of SIDS.

4.)  Noise

Infants are not used to total silence since things were a bit noise in the womb. Instead of having the room be completely silent, invest in a white noise machine like the Dohm. Research has shown that white noise helps babies fall asleep and stay asleep. The Dohm creates a natural white noise to help babies fall and stay asleep, allowing the rest of the family to seep easier and/or carry on with normal household activities.

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What are your baby sleep tips and tricks?

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Dohm by Marpac. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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