The Bahamas Giveaway: Win a GoPro HD HERO3 – Silver Edition

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With their soft white sand and clear blue waters, The Islands of The Bahamas' beaches have been voted among the “best in the world” by numerous publications.


The Islands of The Bahamas are composed of over 2,000 islands and cays offering families an incredible and unforgettable family vacation.  Your family can enjoy an afternoon of sailing to a secluded beach for a picnic lunch. Or perhaps you’d like to a dive into underwater shipwrecks searching for Spanish galleons.  Every type of adventure can be found at the Islands Of The Bahamas.

Don’t forget to mark your calendar and join us on Wednesday, June 26 as we chat about family island vacations with The Bahamas. Click here for more details about the party. 

Giveaway Post Prize

This week's giveaway is all about destination family vacations.  One lucky winner will receive a GoPro HD HERO3 - Silver Edition from The Bahamas (ARV: $300). Which includes:

  • HERO3: Silver Edition Camera
  • 197'/60m Waterproof Housing
  • Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
  • Quick Release Mount
  • 3-Way Pivot Arm
  • 1 Curved and 1 Flat Adhesive Mount
  • USB Charging Cable

Please follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter widget below in order to enter for a chance to win a prize.

Terms and Conditions

No purchase necessary to enter. This giveaway ends at 11:59 p.m. ET Thursday, June 27, 2013. See all terms and conditions here. This giveaway is available to U.S. residents only.

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98 responses to “The Bahamas Giveaway: Win a GoPro HD HERO3 – Silver Edition”

  1. […] family destination vacations. The party will be held on Wednesday, June 26 from 9-10 p.m. ET. Click here to see details about the giveaway and enter for a chance to […]

  2. Tammy S says:

    I like that they have family friendly activities for every age.

  3. Lori W. says:

    Diving!! and snorkling

  4. mamotts says:

    surfing- the beach- snorkling- hiking

  5. susan smoaks says:

    i like to get away and enjoy my time with my family

  6. My family loves the parasailing and snorkeling.

  7. Jennifer Marie says:

    The vaiety of activities available.

  8. @sweetmatcha says:

    I love being able to unplug and getaway from the everyday humdrum of your life! There’s so many things to see and experience around the world, traveling is so much fun!

  9. Minta says:

    That they something for all ages.

  10. Bryan E. says:

    …takes you out of the ordinary, opens you to new experience !

  11. Tammy OHagan says:

    Everything B-E-A-C-H

  12. Mihaela D. says:

    surfing and the beach

  13. debra p says:

    I love getting away from it all with family and creating amazing times together.

  14. icefairy says:

    Family-friendly activities

  15. Blessie Nelson says:

    It gives me a experience like no other!

  16. Erica Best says:

    i have never been to one

  17. Cindy C. @CAnGoNiNNy says:

    Love seeing all the scenery and having so many things to do.

  18. Suzanne C says:

    Seeing and experiencing new things

  19. Sheila Vives says:

    I know that with destination vacation, the conveniences and amenities that I am looking for will be available.

  20. laura c says:

    I love the beautiful beaches and cocktails! ;D

  21. @Melinda74 says:

    Love new cultures

  22. Jen @idreamofjenn says:

    Family friendly activities, seeing new places and creating new memories with the family.

  23. Amanda says:

    spending quality time with my family and seeing new places and things

  24. Shelbie Johnston says:

    Seeing new sights!

  25. Steve says:

    Warm weather locales interest me.

  26. Casie says:

    Living life! Seeing new things, new smells, new foods, new experiences!

  27. Amy S says:

    I love the memories that are made and the opportunity to see new parts of the world!

  28. Debbie G says:

    I love the fun, culture and things to do

  29. You can truly “Get away” on a destination vacay!!

  30. @debbutterflys says:

    so much to see and do

  31. Abby B. says:

    I love spending time on the beach with my family and just relaxing.

  32. Birdie Skolfield says:

    the smells of cultural food

  33. Yoli Flores says:

    Love the different traditions!

  34. Jacob says:

    The entire destination itself is like one big event! You have several days to take it all in and it’s like being in a different world. No matter what you do or where you go it’s a whole new experience!!

  35. I love all of the fun my family gets to have together!

  36. Ashleigh Gunter says:

    All the activities you can do!

  37. The Bahamas are truly unique and the white sand is just beautiful!

  38. Shannon S. says:

    I love that we can go somewhere new and not be bored…but live an adventure!

  39. Christie L says:

    I love all inclusive destinations that are family friendly

  40. Ashlee says:

    I have ALWAYS wanted to see the world and learn about different cultures. Living in Japan was a dream come true, i just hope we are able to find a way to visit more of the world. I’d love to not only go with my husband but my children as well, teach them how amazing this world is and how much each culture has to offer. My DREAM is to compete on the Amazing Race someday… hope it’s still on when my kids are old enough to leave for that long!

  41. Melanie says:

    I love trying the local cuisine!

  42. Brenda Bird says:

    We love adventure and experiencing new cultures as a family.

  43. Cindy B says:

    I love seeing new landscapes, new cultures, and trying new foods!

  44. Julie Davis says:

    We love to explore and be active

  45. Natalie Lyons says:

    So many great things to do and many are kid friendly

  46. Bud L says:

    Stress free travel, no crazy planning

  47. Nichole McKinnon says:

    you can get away

  48. Susan M. says:

    I love the destination…that’s why I chose to go there! 🙂

  49. Carlos says:

    A backpack travel with no extensive and exhausting planning is one recipe for a great and awesome adventure/vacation for me!

  50. Jill Greenlaw says:

    I have always to travel the world too. I have gone a few places, but next time want to take my kids.

  51. Heta s says:

    I love because of activities which entire family can enjoy.

  52. Arianah Watts says:

    I love the food…food is always the best way to really learn about a new place!

  53. Gigi says:

    I love exploring new places – going off the beaten path, taking tons of pictures, and making new memories!

  54. Mel says:

    Everyone can find something they like.

  55. HAHA I miss vacations! I used to travel alot before kids! I like to soak in the sun and learn about cultures.

  56. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    i love the beach and meeting new people

  57. @n210ss or @n210ss_jail says:

    What I love about destination vacations are the fun activities and adventures!

  58. tiffany dover says:

    Simply enjoying time with the family and being away from everything! It’s such a stress reliever!

  59. Tabathia B says:

    being able to travel to differnt parts of the world and experiencing their cultures

  60. Robin O says:

    I just love being on vacation and seeing new beautiful places!

  61. april b says:

    going somewhere besides the house

  62. Lani says:

    We went to the Bahamas on our honeymoon and the clear blue water is so breathtaking! Snorkeling was a blast and the food was delicious. Itching to be able to take the kids there one day!

  63. Lori says:

    We love experiencing new things, trying new foods and cultures.

  64. Michelle C says:

    Seeing all the sights, tasting the food and immersing in the culture

  65. Experiencing something new!

  66. @camjrcole says:

    This is going to be so much fun to chat about

  67. Samantha D says:

    I’m sure I’d love about them – but I’ve never been on one!

    Samantha D
    dull2000 at cox dot net

  68. Heather says:

    Relaxing on the beach!

  69. Sadie B. says:

    I love the change in weather and the escape from normal day life.

  70. carol roberts says:

    it gives us an experience we have forever

  71. Gena says:

    Doing things I would NEVER EVER get to do at home! Even just the views!

  72. Trying new foods and seeing new sites. Room service doesn’t hurt, either! 😉

  73. JD Northwest says:

    Destination vacations separate you from your usual routine, your diet and your day-to-day activities. They really create the break from your life that lets you recharge.

  74. Brett H says:

    I love destination vacations because I can experience a new place and maybe a whole other culture.

  75. Kay Z @kzarr says:

    I love destination vacations because it is a true escape from my usual life!! Great locales and food!

  76. Milcah says:

    I’ve not been on a destination vacation, but it seems like there’s always something to do and it’s easy to find out what there is to be done.

  77. Curtis says:

    the adventure

  78. Claudia Davis says:

    The total relaxtion

  79. Lynn says:

    Looking forward to the sightseeing and views. it’s definitely an adventure

  80. beth says:

    love that it’s always a beautiful location & family friendly

  81. Alicia says:

    I like to learn about their Culture!

  82. brittany says:

    the fact that there is SO much to do!

  83. jeannine s says:

    I love seeing new places and different cultures

  84. Maria says:

    The experience of exploring a new culture with my family!!

  85. Linda Bundrick says:

    I love destination vacations and exploring new places and history with my entire family.

  86. Lisa Carr says:

    I love the unique experiences available.

  87. Kelly Porterfield (@Kelly197730) says:

    We love the beach and a vacation somewhere exotic would be a nice change from our everyday life

  88. kim c says:

    I like that I can pick a destination that fits the things I liked to do!

  89. Liz N says:

    I like getting away from my regular life!

  90. Thomas Murphy says:

    I like that they have lots of fun things to do like snorkling.

  91. Anne Lehnick says:

    I love learning about all the activities they have in the area and planning our family adventures to them. I don’t force adhering to my plan because travel – especially with small children – has to be flexible enough to accommodate us.

  92. I love how they make you feel like your right there in the photo!

  93. Cory Gemborys says:

    Being plenty far away from everyone and everything that I stress over daily. Turn your phone off and just enjoy the freedom!

  94. Casandra Heilig says:

    I love that I get to do all kinds of things that I don’t get to do on a normal day! I mean come on…last destination vacation I took I was able to swim with dolphins! Can’t do that in Central Massachusetts!

  95. Kenny F says:

    makes it easier on me

  96. Debbie M says:

    I love destination vacations because they have so many activities for such a wide age group.

  97. Li T. says:

    Exploring all the various activities

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