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As parents, we constantly have to make sure that our kids are stimulated and learning. As individuals, we want to connect with our own communities and pursue some of our own passions too. Finding the time to tend to our children's as well as our own needs seems like a challenge too many of us are familiar with. That is exactly what happened to me when I stayed home after my second daughter was born.

I LOVED my kids. After all, THEY were the reason I chose to stay home. But I also stayed home to do a few other things that I wanted to do for years and years like give more energy to my blog and write children's books. Somehow, I assumed I could do everything all at once! When I figured out how disconnected my two worlds were, I determined that somethings had to change.

That was when I started working on Memetales. At Memetales, we believe that while we try to be the best parents for our children, we owe it to ourselves to share our own creativity. Memetales allows you to do both by showcasing great children's picture books in a space where parents can not only select quality books for their kids, but also share their own creativity.

Memetales helps parents tap into their creativity and love of reading in a variety of ways:

  • Write and/or illustrate a children's book.
  • Choose a book for your child(ren) and create and share educational activities to accompany it. For example, crafts, activities, blog posts, and/or videos!

Moms, dads, crafters, artists, homeschoolers ...we are an incredibly talented community inspired by our children every single day. A number of us have blogs rich with content that other parents and educators would love to use. So why not brand ourselves around the great things we are already doing?

Memetales is a website where you can read books, discover activities and crafts, and show off your creations. At Memetales, you will be inspired by the books and the awesome contributions from the community. We hope you will even join our Creator Community and share your own creations! We also hope you take back just a little bit (or perhaps a lot!) of richness and inspiration to share with your own children. We are about the stories we all have to share and the people that share these stories.

So hop over and check out Memetales. Do give us lots of feedback and help us grow, since Memetales is just a little baby with a bright and shiny future!

Check out this post from Allison, a creator at Memetales, from the blog No Time For Flash Cards to learn more about Memetales.

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