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Neighbor Gifts: Chocolate Peppermint Candy Bars

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Looking for an easy homemade and yummy Christmas neighbor gift this holiday season? Look no further than your nearest craft or grocery store for chocolate and candy molds, buy some candy melts and peppermint pieces, and get ready to wow your friends and family.

chocolate mold

I found a cute candy bar mold at my grocery store this year. I prefer using Wilton's Disposable Decorating Bags for melting the chocolate. I pour two bags of Wilton Candy Melts in one of the bags, place it in the microwave for 30 seconds at a time until all the contents are fully melted, tie the top and snip the bottom, and start squeezing the contents into the mold.

chocolate mold for holiday gifts

In addition to the candy bar molds, I also bought sucker molds as well as cookie cutters in the shapes of snowflakes, stars, and gingerbread families. I pour the chocolate into the sucker molds. And after placing wax paper on a cookie tray and placing the cookie cutters on top of it, squeeze the melted chocolate into them as well.

The next step is perfect for involving your children. I buy peppermint pieces or smash candy canes into bits in a bag and sprinkle them on top of the chocolate candy bars, suckers, and inside the cookie cutters.

Wilton Chocolate Peppermint Sucker molds for holiday gifts

When the chocolate has set, I take the candy bars and suckers out of their molds and place them in clear plastic bags sized perfectly to fit the candy bars. I twist tie the top and then add a decorative bow around it. For the cookie cutters, I leave the chocolate and peppermint yumminess inside the cookie cutters and place one cookie cutter in each clear plastic bag and place a bow at the top of it as well.

A fun touch is to "JOY" your neighbors anonymously by dropping the goodies off on their doorstep and running. You leave three print outs of this printable (click here to bring up the image and then right-click and save as for a free download): one for them to cut and place in their window, letting other neighbors they've been JOY'ed, and two for them to pass along when they JOY other family and friends.

JOY-ed Activity Directions

This season, we are participating in Mom It Forward's 31 Days of Family Service Activities (JOY-ing our neighbors being one of them). Our Service eBook includes the activities along with several free printables. Feel free to join in the meaningful family fun and make a real difference in others' lives this season.

What gifts do you like to give to your neighbors during the holidays?


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