College Applications: Tips for Keeping Track of Your Kids’ School Records

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For most moms, dads, and high school students, the college application process can be overwhelming and laden with stress. This doesn’t necessarily need to be the case though – staying organized is one way to mitigate anxiety and ensure that you don’t miss any important documents or deadlines.

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What do you need for college applications?


It’s important to plan early, starting in sophomore or junior year, so that you can determine which colleges your child will apply to. Once you have your college list, you’ll know which essays your son or daughter needs to write. Is it just one essay? Or will it be two or more essays? Your child can often use one essay, changed slightly, for multiple colleges – but you’ll need to keep track. You don’t want your child to tell Harvard that Yale is her first choice! For some tips and ideas that can help improve your child's essay writing skills, you may want to look at this essay writing service reddit reviews here for more info!

Letters of recommendation

Keep track of who is writing your child’s letters of recommendation. Some colleges require one letter of recommendation, while others require up to three. Sometimes a college will indicate that it did not receive all of your child’s application materials, so you’ll want to trace what is missing. Also, it’s a nice idea to send a small thank you card or gift to the letter-writers.


Your child will use online applications to apply to college so you’ll need a username and password for each application. Keep track of usernames and passwords to access your child’s application and check his or her progress. Many students apply to ten colleges; it would be impossible to remember all your passwords without organization.

Financial aid

Filling out financial aid forms, particularly the FAFSA, is required to be considered for aid. You can start filling out the FAFSA as early as January 1 each year, and it’s best to complete it as early as possible. Have your W-2 tax forms from the previous year, as well as your SSN, driver’s license number, previous year’s federal income tax return and current bank statements to help with the process.

Portfolio of certificates

Your child should not submit copies of certificates and awards to colleges, but instead, you should keep a file of these honors so that you can easily complete the respective application sections. Similarly, if your child has been mentioned several times in, say, the local newspaper for particular achievements, you might want to consider sending colleges a DVD or link to a website that compiles all these articles.

How will you stay organized?

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