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Holiday Party: 5 Fun Ideas for a Halloween Kid Party

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Throw a Halloween party other kids will want to go to and parents will strive for next year. It doesn't have to cost a lot to throw the perfect party, especially if you do the bulk of your shopping at the dollar store or hand-make all the decorations. For a themed costume party, there are great costumes for kids online or around every corner.

1. Make Door Decorations

A great way to add that Halloween spice to the inside (or outside) of your house is by decorating the door. Often neglected, decorating the door is a quick and easy way to add pizzazz to that party.

To make a mummy or ghost door, all you need to do is wrap white streamers all around the door, layering it a few times to give it that wrapped feel. The next step is to make giant construction paper eyes out of black and white construction paper. Tape it to the door and your once boring door will look amazing!

A little more difficult is the Frankenstein door. Using construction paper, cut out eyes, a mouth, two front teeth, a stitched scar or two and some hair. Just apply all of this to the door to make a larger than life Frankenstein. Take it a step further by first applying a large sheet of green paper to the door, which makes up the skin. Then add the construction paper details!

2. Spookify the Punch Bowl

Don't have a boring punch bowl, accessorize it with a frozen ice cube—shaped like a hand! Not only will it give it that holiday feel, but it will also look a bloody scene from the movies, which kids will find so cool! Just freeze water in a surgical glove to make the scary ice cube. Pop the newly formed ice cub from the glove and toss it in the punch bowl, preferably filled with fruit punch or cherry (anything that's red).

3. Serve Creepy and Crawly Snacks

Monster brains, worms and dirt ... kids love eating things that look creepy and crawly. Why not make the snack fun for them to eat? For an easy snack, you first need to decorate small, plastic, clear cups with a variety of faces using a sharpie or black marker: vampires, Frankenstein, pumpkins, any face really. Next, mix vanilla pudding with some green food coloring. Place the mixture in the cup and top with some crushed Oreos. The green coloring will make these monsters look hand-licking good!

For healthier nibbles, just cut up some bananas and decorate the tops with chocolate drops for eyes—this will make an instant ghost! It's best to use the top of the banana with the curved edge for the head of the ghost, it will look more realistic. If you want to add veggies, just use some mini carrots. Apply some slivered almonds at the top of the carrots with ranch or dip of some sort, which will create pointy, witch fingers.

You can never go wrong with caramel apples. They're sweet and messy; an instant attraction to kids. Just be sure to have a lot of napkins available, because the caramel and tasty toppings (mini M&M's, nuts, crushed cookies, sprinkles) will get all over their adorable faces.

4. Hand Out DIY Party Favors

Forget about the boring paper goodie bags to send the kids home with after the party. Tons of DIY projects are popping up all over Pinterest, which is where I got this super easy and cute idea originally from "Better Homes and Gardens." All you need are small bottles or jars, surgical gauze and googly eyes. Just wrap the gauze around the jars to cover them up, giving them a "mummy" feel and glue to secure. Next, glue on the googly eyes and voila — a fun and thoughtful mummy candy dish! Just fill the jars with candy and small knick-knacks you can find at any dollar store.

5. Create the Perfect Atmosphere

No Halloween party is complete without some cobwebs. Drape them over couches, doors, pieces of furniture, or even tacked all over the walls. Be sure to add those spider rings, which kids take take home with them when they leave. You can also hang bats, ghosts, and paper skulls and calandebras from the ceiling, which will add depth and dimension to the room.

If you have shelf space you don't want to leave bare, decorate them with old-world decorations like apothecary jars, old medicine bottles, and plastic creepy crawlies. A good idea is to fill some jars with random items: candy corn, candy, or even dozens of glass eye balls.

What fun things do you have planned for Halloween this year?

Samantha Mcdonald loves everything about being a girl: the clothes, makeup and shoes. And she loves a bargain. She can often be found waiting outside the outlet stores before they open on delivery days!

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