DIY Princess Super Hero Costume


Looking for a super fun, super awesome, and super easy DIY costume for your little girl? So was I! Halloween sneaks up on me every year.  And then there's the mad dash to find a costume.  Only to have my daughter reject it.  Or change her mind.

This year was no different.  It's been a busy start to the fall, and our Halloween costume fell through the cracks.  But I knew a quick trip to the craft store and a little creativity would solve my costume drama. I thought it would be fun to kind of combine Kate's interest in a fun way.  Lately she's been into princesses (Photo evidence: the DIY tutu, the princess crown) and super heros.  So...  How about a Princess Super Hero?

DIY Super Hero Princess Costume

Princess Super Hero DIY Costume for Halloween

SOLD! She loved the idea and I loved that the elements could be easily made and then used again for dress-up playtime later.

We perused the craft store to look for ways to pull various things together to make the Princess Super Hero costume. We found a felt cape, an embellishment for the cape, a mask, and a crown.  Next, we found some embellishments for the crown, and I picked out two pieces of felt to embellish the cape.

DIY Princess Super Hero Costume Supplies to Make It Yourself

Supplies for Your DIY Princess Super Hero Costume

  • Felt cape kit.  Or you could purchase a large piece of felt and cut it into a cape.
  • Felt black diamond embellishment (or you could purchase black felt and cut your own)
  • Face mask.  Either a pre-made felt or plastic mask.
  • Felt to cut out your child's initial(s).  Make sure the colors coordinate.
  • Crown
  • Embellishments for the crown such as small pom poms, jewels, etc...
  • Tacky glue or hot glue
  • Sharp scissors

How to Make Your DIY Princess Super Hero Costume

  1. Lay out the felt cape, black diamond embellishment, and your two pieces of felt.  I decided to cut out a circle and the letter "K" for Kate.  I used a mug to trace the circle, and I free-handed the K.  I cut out the circle shape and letter K, and used glue to adhere the K to the circle and those pieces to the black diamond.  I centered the black diamond on the cape and adhered it with glue. DIY Princess Super Hero Costume - Making the Cape!
  2. Set the cape aside and get our your crown and face mask.  Using glue, attach the pom poms to the top of the crown and to the sides of the face mask.  Kate loved this part.  Although, you will see she's NOT wearing the mask.  She declared it "too itchy."  Ha! If your child will be able to avoid rubbing their face you could do a makeup mask.  DIY Princess Super Hero Costume - Making the Crown
  3. To pull it all together, go check out your child's closet!  Kate and I decided she'd wear her pink shirt and patterned gray and black pants to compliment her pink cape and crown.

DIY Princess Super Hero Costume - Finishing the crown If you want to add more embellishments to the cape, that's totally fine. We wanted matching pink sparkle pom-poms on crown and cape!

DIY Princess Super Hero Costume - embellishing the DIY cape

So cute!  And so easy!  No sewing, no measuring.  Just glue and go!  The perfect Halloween costume, especially for us parents who panic when we realize Halloween's around the corner and we're without a costume.

DIY Princess Super Hero Costume

This would be so fun for a family (or siblings) to coordinate.  Everyone could chose a different color cape and you could go as a super hero family.  How fun is that?!

DIY Princess Super Hero Costume

What do you do for a last minute Halloween costume?  What's your go-to?

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