Vacation: How Families Can Choose a Vacation Without Squabbles

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It’s the same thing every year—nobody can agree on a vacation destination, which results in squabbles and unhappy family members. However, you can avoid the mess this year by taking a systematic approach to choosing the vacation destination. All family members will get a voice and you can stop the squabbles once and for all. So, get the family together and use the following process for simple vacation planning.

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How Families Can Peacefully Choose a Vacation Destination

Step 1: Pick a Date for the Family Vacation

The first thing you have to do after you get the whole family together is decide on a date for the vacation. Yes, this will mostly have to do with work and school schedules, but it is also a good idea to see what dates have potential conflicts for each family member.

Here are the things you should take into account:

  • Other events that are already planned
  • When family members can get time off work
  • Weather or any other factors that can impact the vacation

Step 2: Get Input From Everybody

Every member of the family is going to have a different opinion about what a good vacation entails. To avoid squabbles, you should get input from everybody. There are several ways this can be done, but consider the following options:

  • Have each person write an idea or two on a piece of paper and then put it in a jar, hat, bowl, etc. When everyone is finished, read each one out loud and then put them in piles according to their possibility.
  • Use a chalk board or marker board to record possible vacation destinations. Have each member of the family take turns making suggestions as you write everything down.
  • Bring up specialized vacation ideas like cruises, camping trips, or even kayaking expeditions. Everything should be considered.

Step 3: Systematically Choose the Vacation Destination

Once you have a few possible vacation destinations in mind, the next step is to narrow it down until everybody has reached a consensus. Here are some ways to help your family make the final decision without squabbles:

  • Take a Vote—This is the best way to make sure most of the family is satisfied.
  • Use a Spin Wheel—A little bit of chance makes for a fun family vacation.
  • Do a Cost Comparison—Determine how much each vacation option would cost and then make a selection based on your budget criteria.

If you use these three steps when choosing a vacation destination with your family, you should avoid the squabbles that typically happen year after year. When everyone feels like their input is taken into consideration, everyone is happier. Have fun on your family vacation this year!

How do you choose where to go on your family vacations? What has been your favorite vacation destination?

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