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Family Activities: 12 Ways You and Your Kids Can Serve Others

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It’s a Tuesday in January at Mom It Forward and that means we are talking about fun ideas and strategies to raise giving kids. In previous weeks, we’ve highlighted Sole Hope, a kid-friendly organization your family can serve with, and we’ve also discussed the Three C’s of Service: Collect, Create, and Cash-in.

12 Ways You and Your Kids Can Serve Others

Today we are talking about 12 ways you and your kids can serve others. Get ready for some others-centered fun.

  1. Walk across the street and welcome a new neighbor.
  2. Write thank you notes to people who serve you: a teacher, the garbage man, local fire fighters.
  3. Tour a facility that helps people in your community such as a local food bank.
  4. Participate in a Craft Hope Project.
  5. Learn about the life of someone in another country.
  6. Sew a blanket for Project Linus.
  7. Read 77 Creative Ways Kids Can Serve.
  8. Start a change jar and let your child pick a cause your family can support.
  9. Offer to read at the library’s story time.
  10. Go to Volunteer Match to find a local service project.
  11. Read about teens making an impact at Generation On.
  12. Plan a party with a purpose.

What family activities do you and your kids love to do that help those who are in need?

Can one beyond blessed family move from addicted to themselves to devoted to others? The author of this post shares honestly at Amy L. Sullivan about her family’s attempt to become less me, me, me focused and more others centered. Amy writes for print and online publications and is also writing a nonfiction book about serving others.


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