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Family Halloween Costume Themes

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MIF Family Halloween Costume Themes

My favorite fall tradition is our annual family Halloween costume theme. What originally started as just me and my husband dressing up with our boys has turned into a big family affair. When our second son was born, we thought (as many parents do) it would be cute to dress our kids in coordinating Halloween costumes. As we plotted and planned their costumes, we decided it would be even more fun to dress up with them. Our first family Halloween costume theme was Toy Story. My brother and sister-in-law joined us in our Halloween costume fun that first year and the rest is history.

Now our annual family Halloween costume theme tradition includes a dozen people. What I love most about family Halloween costume themes is that the really connect everyone together and turns Halloween into a very family oriented event. Young and old, everyone enjoys picking out the theme, planning the costumes, and dressing up for our annual costume party on Halloween night! The family Halloween costume themes create fun family memories for everyone. My boys love reminiscing about past Halloween parties and the costumes everyone dressed up in.

Three Things to Consider When Picking Family Halloween Costume Themes

  1. Age Appropriateness—If all the kids are teenagers, then a Sesame Street theme might not go over well. Along the same lines, Harry Potter wouldn’t really work if you have little kids in your family.
  2. Cast of Characters—Be sure there are a wide variety of characters available within your theme. If you have a smaller family participating then it’s less of an issue, but with 12 family members participating, we really have to choose carefully.
  3. Timing—Pick your theme well in advance of Halloween so that people can choose characters and brainstorm costume ideas. DIY costumes are more fun but can take time to pull together. We choose the next year’s theme on Halloween as our costume party winds down.

Airport Costume Theme MIF

Some family Halloween costume themes to consider for larger groups include:

Star Wars, Peter Pan, Toy Story, Super Heroes, Villains, Harry Potter, and Disney Characters. Or choose more general themes like 80’s costumes, sports figures or an airport theme.

Does your family pick a Halloween costume theme?

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