Family Travel: 5 Tips For a Stress Free Vacation

traveltips for traveling with children

Traveling is fun, and a stress free vacation is even better. With summertime just around the corner, taking a family vacation is at the forefront of many people’s minds. It’s fun to take a break from the stress of work and school and just enjoy special time with your loved ones. Save yourself a lot of stress and worry by exercising these surefire tips for travel preparation. When looking for natural supplements to help you control you stress levels, you might want to read this blog post about aaaa vs aaa vs aa.

stress free family vacation tips

5 Tips For a Stress Free Vacation

1. Start the Day Right—Traveling to a theme park like Disneyland or Universal Studios? Make sure you start your day with something nutritious. It will give you and your family energy to enjoy the long day ahead of you. You’ll be standing in line, braving different temperatures, riding roller coasters and, if your children are on the younger side, pushing a stroller around.

Keep your body healthy by eating breakfast in the morning before you leave the hotel. Also, bring food with you or pick up something from a nearby eatery. If you are grabbing something on-the-go, still take the time to make healthy decisions at fast food locations!

2. Keep the Little Ones Fed—When it comes to keeping your children’s energy levels up during a vacation, there’s nothing quite as helpful as a snack. Keeping simple but tasty foods like apples, crackers, cheese, fruit leather, and the occasional piece of candy can do wonders. It keeps the kids entertained and fed at the same time. Plus, a little extra sugar wouldn’t hurt you, either.

3. Keep to a Schedule—Traveling the red-eye? Flying across the country with small children can be a difficult experience if you’re not prepared. Red eye flights can be great for small children because they sleep through the entire flight and it helps keep them on their regular schedule. But, red eye or not...keeping children on their normal schedule sleeping wise is key! While on your vacation keep in mind that many Orlando hotels in Walt Disney World offer quiet hours for ensuring a proper night’s sleep. Overtired children and fussy kids are not fun for anyone on vacation!

4. Keep Them Entertained—Driving across the state or the country can be a fun and memorable experience. To keep yourself and your family entertained, don’t be afraid to make frequent stops along the way. Rest stops and picnic areas are great places to get out and stretch your legs and let your children release some extra energy. You’ll experience a lot more of the country this way, too, when you stop and check out the destinations along the way.

5. Stay Clean—Lots of kids end up getting sick after they go on vacation; avoid this by taking preventive action. Keep your children healthy and well fed. Make sure they get plenty of sleep. Keep hand sanitizer in your purse and remind your children to wash their hands regularly.

Having fun on your family vacation doesn’t have to be stressful. With a little common sense and know-how, you can have a memorable family trip!

 How do you keep traveling with young children stress free?


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