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Frozen & Refrigerated Foods are Real Foods

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What picture comes to mind when you imagine "real ingredients"? Most likely you think of real ingredients full of fresh flavors. Did you know that frozen foods are real food?

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Mom It Forward Blogger Network Partners With National Frozen & Refrigerated Foods Association

The National Frozen & Refrigerated Foods Association wants every chef no matter their level to know that the frozen foods aisle is pretty cool.  Why? Because frozen foods are real food! Frozen foods include healthy produce, perfectly-portioned meals, a variety of ethnic cuisines and dishes to meet strict dietary needs.

Winter dramatically affects the availability of fruits and vegetables in your local supermarket. However, the frozen food aisle saves the day when snow makes it way to our yards. With over 3,700+ delicious foods, you can find everything ranging from nutrient-rich fruits/veggies to decadent ice creams and novelties.

So why should you shop the freezer aisle?

  • Foods captured at the height of ripeness
  • Prepared and seasoned by expert chefs
  • Designed to meet a variety of tastes and menu needs
  • Convenient and no waste (ie: perfect proportions)

And let's not forget the refrigerated food aisle which boasts its own indulgent varieties made from real, simple, fresh, farm-grown ingredients. This aisle is full of endless possibilities such as using Greek Yogurt in recipes.

To help spread the word about the value of the frozen & refrigerated food aisles, Mom It Forward has partnered with the National Frozen & Refrigerated Foods Association during the months of November and December. As part of this campaign, 55 social media influencers within the Mom It Forward Blogger Network are going to have the chance to review and write about the product.

If you want to check out the posts, tweets, Facebook updates, Instagram photos, etc., please be sure to follow the #HolidayHelper hashtag and see all of the buzz by bloggers about real, fresh food from the frozen and refrigerated aisles.

For more information about frozen and refrigerated foods visit www.nfraweb.org

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