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To me, spring is synonymous with organization. I love to use this time of year to organize my home.

As a mom, I’m always trying to find new ways to organize my four-year-old’s room. One battle I’m constantly fighting is with her hair accessories. If you have a daughter, you understand how the hair bows and headbands can really pile up. I’ve tried putting them in a container or a basket, but nothing seems to accommodate the oddly shaped accessories.

fun hair accessory wreath

This simple wreath craft is the answer to the hair accessory storage dilemma. My favorite thing about this project is that you can easily access all of the hair accessories. I love that I no longer have to dig around in a container to find them.

You will have so much fun creating this simple wreath. Not only is it very inexpensive, you may already have some of the supplies in your home.

This craft project requires a unique combination of items including slinkies, duct tape and pipe wrap. I know this sounds more like a list of items MacGyver might use to get himself out of a sticky situation, but they make this project totally come together.

Fun Hair Accessory Wreath

hair accessory wreath resize

Fun Hair Accessory Wreath Instructions


  • 3 slinkies
  • Duct tape
  • Pipe wrap (the kind you use to cover your pipes to keep them warm)
  • Scissors
  • Clear plastic ponytail bands
  • Tacks


  • Cover the pipe wrap with duct tape. Start at the top, securing the two ends together.
  • Once the wreath is covered with tape, take the slinkies and wind them around the wreath.
  • Take the clear plastic bands and join the ends of the slinkies together as you spread them around the wreath.
  • Take several tacks and stick them around the back of the wreath to secure the slinkies in place.
  • Take a strip of duct tape and tape it to itself. Secure it to the back of the wreath with a tack. (You will use this to hang the wreath on the wall.)
  • Attach your hair bows and headbands.

I love to make crafts with unusual household items, especially duct tape. If you like this hair accessory wreath, you will love my post about a duct tape pen holder makeover.

What is your favorite organization craft?

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