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Gal to Gal Foundation: Design & Donate

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G2G_150 I honestly believe the companies that give back to the community, whether through monetary donations, product, or time, are the ones that are most successful--and I'm not just talking about the bottom line. I find it much easier to spend money when I know some of that money is supporting a worthy cause. Take that worthy cause, add a really fun site, and throw in a fab line of personalized products and you now have the recipe for a perfectly "sweet" company Design-her Gals.

Design-her Gals is a site where you can create a "gal" who looks just like you (or in some cases just like you'd like to look!). Choose her eye and hair color, hair style, outfit, and accessories (wish I owned those shoes in real life!). You can then put your gal on a variety of products including business cards, notepads, to-do lists, luggage tags, and water bottles. But as fun as the designing is, the donating is even better because a percentage of all sales goes to the Gal to Gal Foundation.

The Gal to Gal Foundation was started by Jeanne Fitzmaurice, Design-her Gals' Go-to Gal (i.e. owner). The foundation's purpose is to help grant wishes and provide other important benefits for Stage IV breast cancer patients. The inspiration for G2G came when Jeanne learned through a friend's experience with Stage IV breast cancer just how scarce funds are for those in this critical stage, a stage when health insurance benefits may be reduced or canceled and hospice care hard to find. "We want all Stage 4 patients to make the journey to their next destination with as much style and grace as they've shown traveling through this one."

In October of last year Design-her Gals and FranklinCovey launched a collection of new products dedicated to help raise funds for the Gal to Gal Foundation. You can now carry your super cool Design-her Gals memo paper, calling cards, and perpetual calendar in a one-of-a-kind, super chic tote! Who knew you were choosing to make a difference to women with breast cancer while choosing which avatar to put on your coffee mug? Design-her Gals gives you a way to creatively express yourself and in turn you'll be giving to the Gal to Gal Foundation. Design and donate, baby. Design and donate.

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