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Giving Beyond The Holidays: Ways That Families Can Make A Difference Every Day

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The Holiday season is known as a time of giving. While most times it’s usually the parents who handle the donations, charity drives, and the like, there are plenty of ways that making a difference can be a family affair. With a little inspiration, cooperation, and planning, families can extend their giving well beyond the winter months and strengthen their bond at the same time.

Giving Beyond The Holidays

Here are some ways to make a difference every day:


Look for different charitable causes that your family can support together throughout the year. Find annual fairs, to other similar events to volunteer with in your community. Select several charitable walks to sign up for as a family and do an inter-family fundraising challenge where the member who raises the most money for donation to the walk wins a special gift. Donating gently-used clothing and toys to housing shelters on a quarterly basis is another great way to make a positive impact.

Create ways that your family can incorporate giving into special occasions. Examples would be asking family and friends for donations to a charitable cause on your birthday in lieu of presents, or getting children involved in participating in the annual Trick-Or-Treat for UNICEF campaign for Halloween. You can also turn your family’s parties and other celebrations into special 'campaign drives' for charity (ex: for a gathering with friends, ask each attendee to bring three canned goods for donation to your local food pantry).

As a family, you can make a difference during the Holiday season as well. Have your children set aside a portion of their allowance each month to donate to the Salvation Army Red Kettle campaign, or have each child use their savings to purchase a new toy or coat to donate to a holiday toy or coat drive. Also check with your child’s school to see if they participate in the annual Giving Tree or Adopt-a-Family programs and if not, offer to get it started.

Encouraging Others to Give

By working together, your family can motivate others to make a difference too! Here’s how:

Encourage your family to share status updates and photos of your acts of kindness across their social media accounts, and discuss them with their friends and teachers at school. Remind them to have website information for the organization(s) on hand as they spread the word.

No matter the age, each family member can spark curiosity about different causes and organizations by wearing apparel or using items that showcase their logo and information. T-shirts, hats, carry bags, water bottles, and other items are great ways to achieve this. Friends, teachers, and other parents are bound to ask questions, which will definitely get the conversation going about support and/or donations for causes.

Giving is not just something designated for the Holiday season. There are little things that can be incorporated into your family’s routine and activities to that can help make a difference all throughout the year, creating memories of togetherness that are sure to last a lifetime.


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