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Service: Giving Hanes Socks and School Kits to Those in Need

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Basketball is a really big deal at our house. We play it in school, at the gym, and we even loved watching it during the Olympics this summer. In July, my son attended the Little Hero's Foundation basketball camp with Travis Hansen. Not only did he have the opportunity to spend a few days playing basketball with friends, coaches, and professional athletes, he had an opportunity to give back to his community with Hanes Socks as well.

Kids lined up on a basketball court

Travis Hansen played for BYU and the Atlanta Hawks several years ago. He also played 7 seasons in the Euroleague. This is where he and his wife started seeing a need to help others. He started the Little Heroes basketball camp as a way of teaching children the fundamentals of basketball and also sharing his passion for giving back to those who are less fortunate. I love that kids actually can focus on both of these things at the same time.

Travis Hansen with kids from basketball camp

The Little Heroes Foundation's mission is "to improve the mental and physical well being of children throughout the world by serving, supporting, and enhancing human life." Little Hero's chooses one big project a year to plan, fund, and oversee. They have built schools in Africa, funded health centers in Birendranagar, Nepal, and remodeled hospitals in Russia to name a few.

During my son's camp, the participants took the time to assemble school kits for kids who are less fortunate. In the kits they added school supplies and socks. Momitforward has worked with Hanes on many campaigns and they gave us socks to distribute to people in our community when we found a need. My son's basketball camp was a perfect place to put those socks to use. Little Hero's took the school kits and sock donations they collected and gave them to the Nebo and Alpine School Districts in Utah. The kits were handed out based on need.

Child holding Hanes Socks from Little Heroes Foundation

I love that my son was able to have a great experience this summer, not only improving his basketball skills, but remembering the importance of giving back.

How do you get your kids involved in service?

Jill Greenlaw has a banking background. She gave that up 17 years ago when she got married and started having kids. She loved being a stay-at-home mom while raising her four beautiful children. A few years ago, Jill went back to work in sales. She is now working for the Mom It Forward team as their Community Manager. She loves her job. Her interests include camping, motorcycling, boating, photography, reading, cooking, and traveling. Put her in flip flops anywhere warm and she is happy.



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