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#GNO Summary of Chat With Diane Birch and Steve Greenberg

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tweetgrid The following is a recap of the Girl's Night Out discussion on Twitter (#gno), which takes place ever Tuesday night from 9 to 11 p.m. CST to Twitter. Special guests singer Diane Birch and producer Steve Greenberg joined the chat to talk about making a difference through music.


@DianeBirch: PLEASE support the Discover and Donate program. I feel very passionate about helping orphans in Zimbabwe where I grew up as a child… I met so many orphans over the last few trips back there that it made such an impact on me to help.

Zimbabwe is a very beautiful place but sadly has been so run down by the leadership of Mugabe… I will say that Africa will always be so deep in my heart! It's truly one of the most incredible places.

I've lived in Zimbabwe, South Africa, Australia, UK and the US. I've absorbed little bits of everything and created my world.

@steviegpro: The discover and donate campaign is a great way to raise money for 6 great charities while spreading the word about Diane's album… The record's doing well on its own--if you can get people's attention w/music, why not put it to work for good causes?

For each Diane Birch album sold through the widget we donate $1 to 1 of 6 charities… If you have nowhere to embed the widget, just buy the album through the widget and $1 goes to charity http://tr.im/ndpV

The widget that sells the most albums wins a Diane Birch concert for you and your guests http://tr.im/ndpV

And please remember the hashtag #music4good Hopefully you'll be seeing it a lot.

@rockandrollmama: ALSO: Don't forget you can embed #music4good widget on your FB page, if you have no blog. http://tr.im/ndpV


@DianeBirch: I've always heard music since my first memory… but felt embarrassed by my voice. It was only when I realized that i had an effect on people.

My primary influence is classical music. It's all my parents really played in the house. Church hymns too.

I used to play music in hotels and restaurants… My experience has been rather recent. Signed a publishing deal in 07 with EMI.

I've only really been taking myself seriously for the last 4 years or so! My manager in the UK found me on MySpace!

It's hard for me to be objective about what it sounds like but i know that it sounds like me and its honest from the heart.

(Recording) is never what you think it will be. it had ups and downs as most things do where you put your heart and soul into it.

My fear of being in a relationship with no love...that inspired (the cover of What Is Love) for sure!

(On her recent album title, “Bible Belt”): My father was a conservative preacher and i felt in many ways restricted as a child.

My favorite place in all honesty is New York. I've really discovered my soul city! I also loved London very much! … New york is magical but it makes you work for it!

(Favorite music): Brian Wilson, Paul McCartney, Elton John, David Axelrod, T-Pain and MICHAEL MCDONALD... Daryl Hall… Beatles, beach boys, david axelrod, burt bacharach, MGMT, Fleet Foxes, david bowie, joni, carole, carly

@steviegpro: This is a great project because it was about making an album that could be listened to straight through--not just a bunch of singles… The album really holds up as a singular work--and it encompasses pop, gospel, doowop, r&b, rock even a little country… We had New Orleans R&B musicians, doowop singers, a gospel choir, even a 30 piece orchestra. It was the music equivalent of Cinemascope.

We recorded 18 songs. 13 are on the album. The keepers reared their heads as they were being made and those were the ones we focused on.


@dianebirch: Just want to say to all you budding musicians, LISTEN to your own voice and don't worry what everyone else is doing!

@steviegpro Just make a record that you actually love. Don't try and sound like the radio. And write A LOT of songs.

Remember musical talent isn't synonymus with technical skill. Encourage kids to make up songs--hidden talents will be revealed that way… I like to tell familiar stories and have the kids make up 'music' to underscore each character


@steviegpro Diane will be a big focus for the next year. But we also have Care Bears On Fire coming… three 13 year old girls from Bklyn who have a punk band. They write and play their instruments.

@dianebirch Honesty is the new punk!

@herbadmother: If, per @dianebirch, HONESTY IS THE NEW PUNK (which, yes) then maybe AUTHENTICITY IS THE NEW ROCK N' ROLL?

@steviegpro Amen to HONESTY IS THE NEW PUNK. I think we're heading into an age where the prefab will give way to the authentic.


@steviegpro I've produced a bunch of records--Joss Stone, Jonas Bros, even Who Let The Dogs Out! And I was president of Columbia records once... In a long ago life I was a journalist and a radio DJ.

The Dogs made me a hero to my girls when they were little. I even barked on that record, which they just loved... I co-produced the first two Joss Stone albums and the first Jonas brothers album--all w/Michael Mangini. Plus executive produced MMMBop

JoBros are certainly talented enough to make the transition. I hope Disney let's them experiment musically

They solicit me with music everywhere. I was once held up at customs while the officer played me his girl friend's demo!

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