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Homemade Beauty Products - I tried them so you don't have to!

Let's all face it, we are getting older. Ugh, true story. Gravity-1, My Face-0. So you know what that means. I have become a beauty product junkie. I can't even tell you how much money I have spent in the past year on skincare and makeup alike(sorry hubby). That is why today I am so excited to share with you a few eco/budget friendly homemade options as well as some of my fave organic store bought products.

Putting Pinterest Beauty Recipes to the Test

Have you seen those recipes on Pinterest and wondered if they really work? No worries..I have literally put all of these homemade beauty products to the test. You can thank my hair and skin later:)

Homemade Shampoo Recipe

Making Homemade Shampoo - Did this recipe work as promised?

Homemade Shampoo Recipe - the DIY Version

  • 1/4 cup of water
  • 1/4 cup of liquid soap
  • 1/2 teaspoon of vegetable oil

First, you have to realize that homemade shampoo is super runny. It literally runs right through your hands. I won't lie, it takes a minute to get used to it but there is something super satisfying about it! I'm not sure if its that whole placebo effect thing but it definitely feels healthier.  A lot less heavy on my poor hair.  I don't know if I would always use this homemade shampoo but I would definitely add it to the mix!

In Store Alternatives: If buying shampoo is more up your alley then try these organic options: Acure $10.95 or Darcy's Botanicals $12.00

Homemade Moisturizer Recipe

How to make homemade moisturizer - This really works!

Homemade Moisturizer Recipe - The DIY Version

Equal parts honey and olive oil.

Out of all the homemade products I tried this is definitely the winner winner chicken dinner. I LOVE IT! I slather it on my face and leave it on as I get dressed and then wipe it off. It doesn't rub into your skin like normal moisturizer but it leaves your face feeling silky smooth. It's what we all want right? It also doesn't leave your face feeling greasy or oily in the least bit. Seriously. Get on this.

In Store Alternatives: Pricey but well worth it, give Skyn Iceland Pure Cloud Cream ($54) a try. Or L'Bri Gentle Moisturizer ($23.95) which is less pricey but also has fantastic results.

Homemade Facial Scrub and Exfoliant Recipe

How to make homemade facial scrub - Easy to make and it works!

Homemade Face Scrub Recipe - The DIY Version

Equal parts honey and brown sugar.

I am the kind of gal that likes the feeling of exfoliating her face. All that gritty texture really makes me feel like I am getting somewhere, you know? But sometimes exfoliants can get a little harsh on the skin. This honey and brown sugar recipe? It has the perfect amount of scrub but is surprisingly super gentle. Another homemade solution that I will be adding to my skincare routine STAT!

Here's another cleansing sugar scrub recipe to try if you want a two-in-one alternative.

In Store Alternatives: Garden of Wisdom Multi Fruit Gentle Exfoliant ($15.25) is a great natural and gentle way to exfoliate your face. I also love L'Bri Rejuvenating Peel ($17.50) which I totally use on the weekly. It is amazing stuff in a jar.

Homemade Hair Treatment: Shine Serum

How to make homemade hair serum - Add natural shine with this DIY recipe

Homemade Shine-Inducing Hair Rinse Recipe - The DIY Version

  • Juice from 1 lemon
  • 1 cup of water

The worst part of this recipe? After you put it in your hair you are supposed to rinse it out completely with as cold of water as you can stand.  Yep. In case you were wondering I can't stand very cold water. As far as the serum itself? It was OK. I noticed some shine but not anything that made me say "wow". Or maybe it was the cold water on my head that I couldn't get past......

In Store Alternatives: NuStyle Serum by Aubrey Organics($23.22) works great at getting rid of those pesky fly aways and makes your hair soft and smooth.

Homemade Makeup 

So I was totally gonna go all beeswax and beet juice on you guys but making organic makeup? First it takes some crazy ingredients and second it seems like quite the endeavor. If truth be told, I totally stink at anything DIY. So instead my makeup product recommendations are all in store, totally organic, and totally worth a try!

Foundation: Glo Minerals Protective Liquid($43.00) Lightweight with normal coverage this foundation is a favorite of people that are prone to breakouts.

Blush: Jane Iredale Pure Pressed Blush($27.00) Just the right amount of color and its smooth application makes this blush a go-to!

Lipstick: Ilia($24.00) Lipcolor that stays put, glides on and moisturizes your lips..what more could you want?

So how about you?  Do you GO GREEN with your beauty products or do you prefer other brands?

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