Good Clean Family Entertainment: Comedy on BYUtv’s Studio C


How many of you have resorted to watching shows like Cupcake Wars or Biggest Loser with your family for lack of good clean family entertainment?

Not that there is anything wrong with shows about food or losing weight, unless you happen to be watching the Biggest Loser while eating Girl Scout Cookies. I mean Thin Mints? Really? Who can give those up?

But, finding good clean family entertainment options, especially clean comedy, is tough these days.

Studio C: The Perfect Solution for Good Clean Family Entertainment

When we discovered Studio C, we scored a home run, finally finding the perfect clean comedy show and one that regularly has us in stitches, laughing together.

BYUtv-Studio C-Good Clean Family Entertainment-Clean Comedy-TV

The comedy gods must have noticed our love for Studio C when they had their PR agency reach out to me mere days before @TroyPattee's birthday and offer our family tickets to attend a taping. Seriously? Best surprise birthday present ever! I don't know that I'll ever be able to top myself.

So, mid-March, during the taping of Season 2, we drove down to Provo, went to Troy's favorite restaurant for dinner (Brick Oven), and then headed to the BYU Broadcast Building on Brigham Young University campus.

BYUtv-Studio C-Good Clean Family Entertainment-Clean Comedy-Mallory

Troy figured out where we were heading as we pulled into the parking lot and was beyond excited and trying to figure out all at once how on earth we scored tickets.

We went in and were immediately escorted back stage where we got to meet the Studio C producer and cast member, Whitney, and check out the sets. The taping started shortly after that and I can't remember the last time my family laughed so hard. In fact, I'm a little embarrassed to watch the episodes they filmed that night for fear of hearing myself in the crowd. It was that bad... or good, depending on how you look at it.

BYUtv-Studio C_Backstage-Good Clean Family Entertainment-Clean Comedy

But the story doesn't end here. My birthday, less than 2 weeks later, arrived as expected. And what did the family do for me? Put together their own rendition of a Studio C sketch, entitled "Studio P," complete with Shoulder Angel. Don't know what Shoulder Angel is? Have a watch. Seriously! Don't wait another second. He's hysterical!

Do I have the best family in the world or what?

Studio C, Season 2 started this past Monday, on April Fool's Day no less. How appropriate, right? If you are looking for good clean family entertainment, be sure to check out Studio C on BYUtv. I promise it won't disappoint!

What are your go-to sources for clean family entertainment?

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