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Google + Hangout: Living a Life of Gratitude

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It is amazing when you start living a life a gratitude how you'll begin noticing all the little special things that make life wonderful. Living a life of Gratitude makes what you have enough. It helps you to look at the glass half full instead of empty. Living a life of gratitude is essential to our well being. During a Mom It Forward Google+ hangout, our guest panelists shared some of the ways that gratitude has blessed their life. Here are some of the highlights from the hangout.

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Gratitude: Becoming a Super Hero Family

What is gratitude?

  • Gratitude is an action word. When you are living a life of gratitude you are giving to others constantly. It becomes a part of who you are.
  • The ability to recognize when there is an opportunity to serve. The ability to turn away from ourselves and point our arrows out and recognize when someone else needs our help.
  • The root of the word gratitude is great. It is more than just saying please and thank you. It is a way of life.


What are the benefits that come to an individual that lives a life of gratitude?

  • When we look for the things in our life that give us that "awe" feeling, it centers us back to who we are and who our children need us to be.
  • Gratitude serves us more than it serves anyone else. It allows us to be ourselves, to get to the root of who we really are.
  • It gives you the ability to be yourself without the hindrance of resentment, or fear, or that chip on your shoulder that makes you feel like life owes you something.
  • Gratitude can center you, it can calm you down and bring you a lot of peace.


What do you do when you don't feel gratitude and you don't know where to find it?

  • When you can't focus on what you are grateful for, get out and serve someone else. Lose yourself in service.
  • Prayer can help to ground you and help you feel peace.
  • Ask for help. A third party can help you work through your challenges. You don't have to do it on your own.
  • Look for small tender mercies during your trials and express gratitude for the little things. What we focus on grows.


To watch the gratitude hangout, check it out here on the Mom It Forward You Tube page.

What are you doing in your family to show gratitude each and every day?

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