Halloween and Fall Family Traditions

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Every October my little family finds its way to Gardner Village to see the witches. And every year my little people go looking for “Witchy Pooh” . . . the witch who is reading the paper in the outhouse.

This year we ended up at “Breakfast with a Witch” (thanks to Jyl who decided to hang out in New York so she couldn’t use her tickets!). The décor was awesome and the food was great. I love ending up with the witches every year, and my kids look forward to it.

There are few formal traditions that immediately come to mind when I think about what our family does over the course of a year, but I can tell you that every October we go and see the witches. I’m sure that we actually do a lot more than that—but I have to say that I don’t think I have the creativity or energy to throw together the beautifully decorated, heartfelt family shin digs that I see decorated on other people blogs and walls. However, I was cleaning out the basement the other day, and when I think of the things closest to my heart it’s the simple time we spend and the simple things that fill our home.

It’s the little pair of sparkly “Ruby Reds” that my daughter has outgrown, the Spiderman “moonboots” that were worn for 2 years straight by my son, and the “kissing bird” that our 20-month-old little girl goes to bed with every night. I can overhear her little voice saying “Mwwwwwah!” to it every night until she falls asleep. Each of those little items hold volumes of memories and love for me.

Traditions don’t need to be big complicated things to build memories that fill our hearts and home. We just need to appreciate all of the little things that make the meaning in our lives whether it’s witches in an outhouse or blankies before bedtime.

Happy Fall!

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