Holiday Decor: Ribbon Christmas Tree Craft Project


I love decorating my house for the fall. I always start at the beginning of September and I get so much enjoyment out of placing the fall garland and pumpkins throughout my home. Having family and friends over on Thanksgiving, surrounded by good food and the fall decorations is always a highlight of my year.

Ribbon Christmas Trees - Three

However, the day after Thanksgiving, I waste no time in putting away the pumpkins and replacing them with holly, snowflakes, wreaths, pinecones, Santa Clauses, and stockings. By the time I crawl into bed the night after Thanksgiving, my house exudes with the sights, smells, and sounds of the season's holiday cheer.

After all of the decorations were put in their places this year, I looked around and had the sudden urge to add a touch of craft to my display. I made one stop at a local craft store and picked up all the necessary essentials needed to make Ribbon Christmas Trees.

This project is incredibly easy and the best part is that it is kid-friendly. Plus, after you're done working on the project, you will have cute Christmas trees throughout your home that you can enjoy for years to come.

Ribbon Christmas Tree Craft Project


  • Styrofoam cones
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Pins


1) Take the ribbon and cut it into two-inch strands. It helps to cut one piece and then use that piece to measure all of the strands so that they're the same length.



2) Bend the ribbon in half and attach it to the base of the styrofoam cone using a pin. Make one complete row using one color of ribbon.


3) Continue to attach the ribbons using the pins to form another row. Be sure to cover the first row's pins with the second row of ribbons.


4) Use another color of ribbon to form the third row.



5) Attach another row of the ribbons using the same color so that you have two rows of each color.



6) Attach more rows of ribbon to the styrofoam cone until the entire cone is covered in ribbons. Cover the top of the cone with a strand of ribbon to hide the styrofoam.



Feel free to use different sizes of cones and various colors of ribbon to form your Ribbon Christmas Trees. The possibilities are endless!


What is your favorite homemade holiday craft project? How do you get your kids involved in making crafts during the holiday season?

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