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Household Helps—How to Establish Cleaning Routines

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vacuum cleaner_cat_kitty_housekeeping_cleaning Discover the productive and calming effects of cleaning through defining routines. Here's how:

Have a cleaning morning every week.
Notice I used the word “morning” instead of “day.” Part of the great thing about cleaning is enjoying the fruits of your scrubbing after the fact. My most productive times are the afternoons after I’ve cleaned. Everything is in place. You feel energized by the clearing of the clutter that also clears the mind.

Establish an efficient order.
I clean my kitchen first. It gives me great satisfaction to see a clean kitchen for one, and the dishwasher can run while I clean the rest of the house. The key is establishing something you like to do first. This gives you motivation to keep going.

Appreciate cleaning as quiet time.
I enjoy cleaning because it’s one of the few times where I’m both outwardly focused on an activity and inwardly not using much mental energy. My mind can wander into different directions, new ideas can bubble up, and I can be focused on the task at hand that largely isn’t stressful.

I know that the cleaning work will be done in an hour or two and then I can take pride in creating a safe, comfortable environment to live in.

  • Do you enjoy the rituals of cleaning?
  • How do you get and stay motivated?

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