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How Do You Support Your Spouse?

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Betty (@its_me_betty), today's guest post author, is a wife of a blogger, mother of one son, and has a little fat beagle named Fred. She enjoys helping her husband promote his blog, TheJoeReview.Every Saturday he posts one of my recipes on his blog & also writes about tech & brew reviews.



As little girls I am sure we all dreamed that one day we would marry our clichéd “knight in shining armor,” ride off into the sunset, and live happily ever after. We believed that nothing would go wrong and our lives would mirror a fairy tale. This is the way I saw it at least. Well, I got part of it at right. I married my knight in shining armor, however; life wasn’t as problem-free as I had anticipated. My husband and I have had many obstacles and challenges to deal with.

The most challenging obstacle we faced was when we were expecting our son. I became very ill and we almost didn't make it. My husband stuck by me through the whole ordeal and when I was shipped to a different state because, at that time, there were no rooms at the NICU in our local hospital, he made it a point to go up and see me every weekend. I am sure he was just as scared as I was, but you could never tell; he was my rock through the whole ordeal. I broke down several times and was very devastated to learn that I might not get to know my son. But my husband kept me grounded. I am eternally grateful.

Kissing Fools (Weekly Assignment)

One of the most important lessons Joe and I have learned is to be there for each other and support each other—to be each other’s fan club. There are in fact times when we don't see eye to eye; but I can always count on him being the one person I can rely on no matter what. The lines of communication need to be kept open. Listen to each other, be honest with each other and don't be ashamed to admit when you’re wrong.

Remember to make time for each other and to make each other feel special. It's just like a hobby—the more time you put into it, the better you get at it. It goes both ways; you can't expect one person to do all the work and put in all the effort. I'm sure you've heard that saying, "Treat others as you would like to be treated," this also applies to your marriage. Don't be embarrassed or ashamed to show each other you love each other and that you still get butterflies when they're around or when they kiss or hug you, it’s little things like that, that go a long way.

With all the things we are faced with these days, our marriage is one thing that we need to work on keeping strong. Together everything and anything is possible.

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