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How to Twitter for Newbies

#gno information!

New to Twitter?
Trying to Figure Out What All the Rage Is About?
Wondering Where You Will Find One More Second to Take on Another Online Hobby?

You start out here: Twitter.com
Register and create your very own twitter username.
Click the Green "Get Started-Join" button.

Important: Create a username that is somewhat related to your blog (if you have one) so your readers will recognize you. If you don't have one, then go with something uniquely you. Use underscores if you need to get the username you really want.

Let us know if you have created a Twitter account! Click on Carissa's twitter account @rogbark or Jyl's twitter acount @jyl_mommygossip and hit the 'Follow' button. We'll be happy to follow you back! If you add your username and Twitter url to the Tuesday night GNO link ups, everyone else will follow you too. You'll be off and tweeting (chatting) in no time!

The time issue. BELIEVE me. We know. And that time thing is one of the main reasons we created a Twitter Girl's Night Out (which has become commonly referred to as GNO). Just one night, once a week, knowing all your new Twitter pals will be in one place at the same time. That's also why we created it open-house style. Stop in, stay a minute, stay all night. That's it for the whole week. Get your Twitter fill in one stop.

What the heck is Twitter good for?

  • Some call it 'mini-blogging'. No time to create a whole post about the hilarious thing little Johnny just said? Great. Tweet about it instead. Found a great giveaway on a friend's blog? Tweet it! Someone just aggravated you on the freeway? Give them the tweet out finger. Well not really, we can still be nice and aggravated right? LOL
  • You didn't hear me say it, but marketing. I know. Probably shouldn't say that out loud. But it's true. Did you just write the most awesomest post and finally it wasn't about your child's poop?! Yay! Send everyone a tweet... Did you just add something new to your etsy shop? Yup. Tweet out the tinyurl for the shop. What's the accepted rule for self-promo tweets? Once per day. (A secret? Tweet about other's shops/blogs/sites too, brings down the tackyness level.)
  • Good old socializing. When I laugh at something someone has 'replied' to me about. I tend to reply back. And then oh boy if they tweet me a second time? I call them a Twitter BFF! And you bet your beak I'm going to check out their blog at that point to see what else they might be about.
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