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Do you dream about having straight teeth? I remember when I was a little girl, I used to get teased about my buck teeth. I would dream every night that my teeth would magically straighten themselves. I know, I was a little optimistic, but I really wanted straight teeth. I also wanted it to happen over night.


Luckily, my parents put me in braces when I entered the 7th grade. I felt like I wore braces forever. I also had to wear a head gear to correct my over bite. Was I perfect at wearing my head gear, unfortunately no. I ended up wearing braces for about 2 years. If I had followed the advice of my parents and orthodontist, I would have been done sooner. So much for my theory of having straight teeth over night.

My son is currently wearing invisalign. I was chosen to be an invisalign mom ambassador and we received complimentary treatment for my son. I have to say, our treatment has been a piece of cake. My son suffered some of the same problems I did as a teen. He had a tooth that went severely into the center of his bite. He also had an over bite. He has been wearing invisalign for about 8 months now and only has a few months left on his treatment. I have been amazed at how quickly his bite has moved into place and how straight his teeth have become in such a short amount of time.

Before jumping into braces, consult with your orthodontist and see if you are a candidate for invisalign. invisalign can treat many of the same issues that braces can. There are so many benefits to wearing invisalign. Here are just a few.

Benefits of Wearing invisalign

  • Active Lifestyle - My son is very active in Lacrosse. He can take his invisalign out and slip on his mouth guard. When the game is over, he put them back on. His orthodontic treatment has been so seamless with invisalign. He really hasn't had to change anything about his active lifestyle.
  • Visibility - invisalign is almost invisible. Most people don't even know that my son is wearing invisalign. This is perfect for a teen that doesn't want to look like he is undergoing ortho treatment.
  • Hygiene - It is so easy to take care of your teeth with invisalign. My son takes them out to brush his teeth and to floss. There is not the hassle of having to get in between wires and brackets. Cool, right?
  • Convenience - There are no limits to the types of food that you can eat with invisalign. Take them out when you want to eat something gooey or sticky.

If you have worn or know someone that has tried invisalign, what did you like the most about them?

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