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If you're like many people, you're constantly striving to create your own fashion, not to mention trying to be unique and fashionable, all while on a budget. Luckily, great accessories can be just the touch you need! A fine watch can add a unique spin or personalized flare to any ensemble just as effectively as an outstanding handbag or a fabulous pair of shoes.

A watch, is a watch, is a watch, right? Wrong! If you've got to keep track of time, why not do it in a one-of-a-kind fashion-forward manner?

If you're fashion-minded, you've noticed the trends shifting to traditional accessories being made out of less traditional materials. JORD watches are an exquisite example of this trend and the quality that can result. If you have a classic watch that has damages, you may have it inspected and repaired at a watch service shop.

JORD wood watches

JORD approaches time-keeping with a unique spin that pulls it's owners away from the traditional rubber, metal, and textile options because JORD watches are 100% natural wood. JORD watches are made from a variety of woods from around the world, which allows each watch a one-of-a-kind look. With varying wood grains and colors, no two watches are exactly alike.

JORD wood watches

Other amazing elements of a JORD watch include:

  • A finish that isn't stained or painted, but a lasting natural finish that will never change or discolor with wear.
  • A protective finish that does not make the watch waterproof, but does ensure the watch is splash proof. (Think hand washing and light rain)
  • Citizen Quartz Movements with incredible accuracy. This watch is perfect, if you prefer the classic key features of an analog watch.
  • a 15-day "No Questions Asked" return policy and a 1 year warranty covering the movement on the timepiece as well as manufacturer defects.

Lastly, JORD designs all their watches to be stylish for both men and women. They believe wood to be a genderless material and they strive not to tell anyone the style or look of watch appropriate for them.

Not only are their designs and materials of the highest quality, JORD also prides itself in outstanding customer service. From almost immediate email response time to live JORD wood watch specialists available online to chat, JORD ensures each of their customers receive the care and concern they deserve.


Want to see who else is sporting a JORD watch? Lovers of these fine wood watches are encouraged to hashtag their photos on Instagram and Twitter to spread the word, get featured on their site, and to win prizes along the way. Just take a peek at #JORDWATCH to see who's sharing.


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