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From a Spider Bite to Leukemia—Mom’s Plight in Dealing With 3YOs Cancer Battle

inspiring moms!

ezramanicmother In an instant—snap your fingers—life as you know it can change.

Just ask the mother of two behind

It has only been a week since Beth's youngest son, Ezra was bitten by a spider (or tick).  Not long after, Beth noticed her son was lethargic and limping.  Back to the doctor.  Another X-Ray revealed abnormalities in his bones.

Within 24 hours the family is told their sweet 2 year old has Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL).  But wait!  Wasn't it only a spider bite? In less than a week, Ezra has had surgery to have a port placed in his chest and he has endured two rounds of chemotherapy.

And yet, he is still the darling, curly-haired boy he was last Wednesday.

Thanks to a renegade spider, Ezra's cancer—for which he had shown no symptoms— is caught early and has NOT spread to his brain or spine.

It is as Beth takes stock of where life is getting ready to go,  that she recognizes she cannot do it alone:  a childhood forever changed, potentially 3 years of chemo treatments, a family with one car who might need to get a sick child to the emergency room at a moment's notice, the need for an immaculate home to keep Ezra safe and healthy.

So, she writes.

She is honest.  She knows what her family has, what they are capable of and what they will need from others.  So, she asks for help.

And, she receives.

And that is how moms 'mom it forward' a little every day.  They recognize the time to give and the time to accept help.

You can visit for more details about Ezra and for ways to help.

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danielle-s-031awfix About the Author: Danielle Smith is a mommy to two smart and sassy small people, as well as the founder and primary author of You can catch her hosting a brand new live show, The Spin Cycle, on every Wednesday at 9pmEST. She also hosts a show on Blog Talk Radio and contributes to WhyMomsMatter and ChicksWhoConnect. Danielle is thrilled to be contributing to MomItForward - as ‘giving back’ has always been an important part of who she is and what she hopes to teach her children.

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