Kids Crafts: Make a Pet Ladybug

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Your kids will love creating their own paper pet ladybug -- think of it as a VERY low-maintenance pet! Made from basic craft supplies that you might even have on hand, this project is simple and fun.

Kids will love making this Paper Ladybug in a Jar #spring #kidscraft from

Download our free ladybug template, print and cut out a bug body in the desired size. You'll need scissors, two pipe cleaners, six black pony beads, and glue or tape to finish.

Kids will love making this Paper Ladybug #spring #kidscraft from

TO MAKE: Cut two pipe cleaners in half. Twist three of the pieces together at the middle to create your ladybug's legs. Thread a bead onto each of the six legs. Check to make sure your bug will fit comfortably within the center space, leaving about half an inch before the beads. Bend the piper cleaner just beyond the bead to create little feet. Snip off excess pipe cleaner. Glue or tape your printed paper ladybug body onto your finished legs.

Kids will love making this Paper Ladybug #spring #kidscraft from

Every pet needs a home -- we outfitted a half-gallon mason jar with a nice, green leaf and air holes to create a lovely abode for our Ladybug friend. Wouldn't this look darling on your mantle or a bookshelf in the kids' room this Spring and Summer?

Kids will love making this Paper Ladybug in a Jar #spring #kidscraft from

What are some of your favorite crafts?

Like our ladybug? Head over to for more fun ideas to do with your kids, and a free, educational worksheet to download every Worksheet Wednesday!

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