Holiday Craft: How To Make a Lucky Shamrock Decorative Plate


I love to decorate for the "big" holidays (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Easter, etc.). With that being said, I am often hard-pressed to come up with the energy to decorate for the "smaller" holidays.  St. Patrick's Day is one of those holidays. The good news is that with Mod Podge and a little paint, I can easily create something to add a little Luck of the Irish to my decor.

How To Make a Lucky Shamrock Decorative Plate



I took a cheap, plastic plate charger that had seen better days and I  gave it a nice coat of green spray paint.
Using scrapbook paper that coordinated with my green paint, I used my electronic cutting machine to cut out letters.  Don't get twisty if you don't have a cutting machine. You can find pre-cut letters in all shapes and sizes at your local craft store.

I cut out the word "LUCKY" four times and arranged the letters around the rim of the plate.

I am a big fan of the "eyeball" technique (as opposed to careful and precise measurements). To make sure I was fairly even, I just created an "X" out of chopsticks to create four quadrants and arranged the letters that way.

Using some Mod Podge and Plaid's Extreme Glitter paint in Peridot, I got to work.

Once I had the letters where I wanted them, I took each letter, one at a time, and brushed the back with Paper Mod Podge* then smoothed them into place. Note: You can use the Gloss Mod Podge for this step if you prefer.

Using the Extreme Glitter paint, I painted a shamrock in the center of the plate.  Did you know a four-leaf clover was basically just four circles kind of smooshed together?  I didn't either, but that's what it is.

After painting my four smooshed circles, I gave the shamrock a little stem. The Extreme Glitter paint went on rather light, but it dried to the darker color that I wanted.

Once the glitter paint was dry, I put a coat of the Gloss Mod Podge over the top of the whole plate for a nice, shiny finish.

This was a fun and easy project to do. I love that in about an hour I can say that I'm decorated for St. Patrick's Day.
What crafts do you enjoy making for the holidays?
Vivienne is a wife, mom of 4 boys, a DIYer and smart-alleck. You can find her on her blog The V Spot where she writes about home projects, crafts, cooking and funny things her kids do.  You can also find her on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest.
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