Me Time: 4 Ways to Make Time for Yourself

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With Valentine's Day soon approaching, many will be thinking of how to show those closest to them how much they care. For Moms, these types of thoughts tend to occupy our minds more frequently than once a year. The daily routine revolves around ensuring the family is well taken care of and happy. While most Moms wouldn't have it any other way, what about setting time apart for investing in yourself?

On the list of daily priorities, most Moms put themselves on the bottom — the part that you usually run out of time for by the end of the day. Some may feel guilty about taking time away from the family, while others may think they just can't fit it in to the schedule. "Me" time, however, is very important. The feeling of rejuvenation that comes from a little time by yourself can make you that much better at all the other roles you fulfill in life.

4 Ways to Make Time for Yourself

You schedule play dates and appointments for everyone in the family, why not schedule time for yourself? Something that is only for you and about you for once. Remember long ago before you were a Mom and you actually had hobbies and interests you cared about? Here are some tips on how to fit in time for yourself and your interests in to that already busy schedule.

Schedule it!

If you tell yourself you are going to take some time away from family this week but don't actually pick a day and time, then it's not going to happen. Plan a specific time and don't give yourself any excuses for backing out of your "me" time commitment.

Commit to it!

Choose something that requires a commitment on your part. If you sign up for a class or activity and commit to it, you are a lot more likely to make sure you get there. Art or photography classes, book clubs, and fitness classes are all great options.

Love it!

Pick something that you are passionate about, maybe something that used to be a hobby or passion of yours before you became a Mom. Doing something you love will make you look forward to it every week and you will be more likely to stick with it.

Believe in it!

If it has been a long time since you had some "me" time, you may feel a little guilty or odd at first. Don't let this stop you. Make up your mind that you are not just going to do this, you are going to enjoy it too. Knowing that time away will make you a better person and a better Mom will help you stay determined.

What are your favorite ways to get "me" time as a mom?

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