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Minecraft Birthday Party Favors

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What do kids love more at a birthday party than birthday party favors. For a Minecraft-themed birthday, Minecraft birthday party favors are all the rage.

Once you have your Minecraft birthday party cake selected or made and you have your Minecraft birthday party decorations all prepared, you are ready to put the finishing touches on your Minecraft-themed birthday party by preparing Minecraft birthday party favors. Creating party favors that match the party's overall design and theme is the key to ending the party on a high note.

Minecraft Birthday Party Favors

Minecraft Birthday Party Favors

I've never been a fan of going gangbusters on birthday party favors. After all, I have typically already fed the guests, given them cake, and provided fun activities to keep them entertained for hours. But, after working with my neighbor extraordinaire, Jessica, on the party's decor, she came up with such fun party favors that I couldn't turn them down.

Instead of preparing the boxes for the Minecraft birthday party favors ahead of time, she gave me empty boxes to hand out to the guests so they could add what they wanted. The favors were spread out on the table and they were instructed to take one of each of what they liked. This was a big hit with the party guests. The party favor line up included:

  • Rice Krispy pops, cut into small squares with green frosting and eyes and a mouth cut out of black sugar sheets placed on top to look like a creeper.
  • Starbusts
  • Animal-shaped gum dispensers with animals from the game
  • Green crystal candy
  • A green creeper box or a white box of "TNT" with more starburst candies placed inside


What are your favorite birthday party favors to hand out at your kids' birthday parties?

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  1. Ashlee says:

    while favors certainly aren’t necessary they are a fun way to say thank you as your guest leave. I’ve enjoyed doing them when they easily tie into my theme, I don’t bother if I don’t have the “perfect” favor though! Not just a favor for favors sake. These were totally perfect!!! I loved the box that they fill themselves to so you can use the favors as part of the decor!

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