The Beet Jell-O Challenge and Mom 2.0—Are You Mom Enough to Take It?

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This Jell-O challenge was nothing like snaking on Jell-O jigglers. Speaking of, aren't Jell-O jigglers the funnest snack evs? Props to Kraft for creating such a colorful treat that moms and kids alike can enjoy. These wiggle worm wonders make me want to jump up and dance. Oh! The power of food.

And while we're on the topic of the power of food, let's talk about what transpired from this gal and this gal connecting last year over a juicy Jell-O chat and this gal jumping on the Jell-O bandwagon during a #gno Twitter party, changing this gal's and this gal's palette, perhaps, forevs because of it.

Ready for the Mom 2.0 Beet Jell-O Challenge? Are you mom enough to take it? Let's see!

Like I said, Rachael and Holly connected at a #gno Twitter party. The topic may have been on parenting or shoes or green living, but Jell-O became all the rage when the two discovered they had a common bond. Rachael tried to tout her Thanksgiving Jell-O as the worst concoction evs and Holly adamantly declared her grandma's beet Jell-O as victor of worst Jell-O recipe known to man. Even though I had seen a pic of Rachael's Thanksigiving Jell-O, I was "Ewwwing!" over the thought of beets and Jell-O combined (not to be confused with the sound a sheep makes, but rather a child's squeal of disgust).

Then, life went on. Jell-O conversations went back to wiggly, jiggly happiness and talk surfaced about the Mom 2.0 Summit and what to wear to the Mad Men party. As it turns out, #gno Twitter parties and Jell-O have a positive way of bringing people together, because after connecting online, Rachael, Holly (descendant extraordinaire of the Beet Jell-O recipe creator, featured on far left), and I decided to be roommates.

Then we heard the news! So you get the same sensation we got, you must pause, click here, and read Holly's post to get the full effect.

Have you clicked yet? Here! Click here! I'll wait!

Yes! She was bringing Jell-O and we were invited to take the Beet Jell-O Challenge! You saw that the recipe had three kinds of Jell-O—all fruit flavors, my favorite. But, did you also see that it had pickle juice, pimentos, and celery? Oh! And lest I forget to mention the mayonnaise. Yes! You heard me right. MAYONNAISE (pimento flavored mayonnaise at that).

We put it off as long as we could. We tried to recruit challengers. We tried to rally supporters. But, when Rachael and I returned to the room late one night, there it was. Open, ready, and waiting for us with five onlookers seeing if we were mom enough to groove to the beet.

If I could send a smell out through this post, I wouldn't even do that to you. Horrific! Pungent! Wretched. And the taste? EXACTLY THE SAME! The picture here is pre challenge. What would follow, if anyone had captured it, would be Rachael wiping off her tongue with a towel and me heaving over the toilet. We may have lost our lunch so to speak, but we mommed up and took the challenge. Would you?

And this isn't over? We're bringing Jell-O back in a big way at Evo Conference this summer where we hope to continue the Jell-O challenge for both best and worst Jell-O recipe evs. Jell-O shots? The rainbow mold? Beet Jell-O? Can you beat them? Get ready, get set, CREATE!

Full Disclosure: Neither Kraft nor its Jell-O brand compensated me in any way, shape, or form to write this post! In fact, they don't even know about it! I just heart the brand, its product, and its memory-making experiences that much!

Disclosure Part II: Kraft Jell-O is not an official sponsor of Evo Conference.

Top photo courtesy of Flickr. Other photos courtesy of Holly.

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