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Service: The Value of Sharing and Serving Your Neighborhood

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Everyone who comes into my life is my neighbor. Everyone who passes by is also my neighbor. My neighbor is not the next door neighbor, it is everyone. It is always a beautiful gesture to see people smile and actually say "Good morning or Have a good day!" It seems like something of the past.

Helping and caring for others is not only for this festive season. It is a joy to help and be a part of someone else’s happiness. It creates priceless memories. It makes me happy to share happiness in any form or shape: verbal, physical, mental, or spiritual.

This is a special time of the year since most families gather around and enjoy each other's company, which is not often possible. I love to cook and bake and share that skill I have with others. I share whatever is possible, love is vital but food is something that is necessary and sometimes lacking. The value of sharing is my way of showing neighborhood appreciation with my immediate neighborhood and those who come and go in my life.

I show my appreciation with birthday cakes or a meal. I bake all different types of cakes depending on the recipient. Each cake is special and is made with love. Seeing the reaction on the other person's face makes me immensely happy and motivates me to do more.

My little one loves to help and share as well. This is my way of showing appreciation for the little things that others do for me: a smile, a word of advice, a word of thanks, or simply being there for us. Our neighbors are wonderful and help when needed, even if it's just a kind word.

The other day, we were at a store doing some work and we were offered some gift cards as appreciation. I had a couple dollars remaining; I turned around and shared with the other person behind me. I just thought that it might help, even though it was not a lot. A little goes a long way by showing compassion, respect, and sharing the Love!

Since I do not have my big family around me, I try to give to those who are around me and feel the Christmas spirit. I always like to make extra and whichever angel comes along, I share the gift of food with them. Sharing the little I have makes my day a blessed one. One thing I would like to pass along would be that we can share our compassion with our next door neighbor and with those that touch our lives on a daily basis. As a mother, sister, daughter and friend, we make a difference. Share that love and teach our children as well.

Thanks for making this possible of showing my appreciation with all those that comes along my path, Thank you for making a difference in my life!

What do you do to spread the love during the holiday season in your neighborhood?

I am a wife, mom, sister, daughter and friend. I love to meet people and learn about new things, different places and new culture. It is always good to know about other culture and give the respect. I am keenly interested in technology as it is constantly changing which makes it interesting to see what there is to offer.

I love to cook, crochet and be creative with my hands. I love reading but have not done that lately except for school or training. It is very interesting to learn about other’s eating habits and diet. It has made cooking very much more interesting. Learning about other cultures means learning about different spices and different ways of cooking different food which makes me appreciate food more.

As a blogger, a new world is opening and encountering many great aspects in life. It is showing a different angle of life and very diversified. This adventure has opened many doors and meeting many people in different paths of life. It has brought many other adventures and allows me to offer more to others at a different level. My blessings have been constant and must give thanks to all those I meet!

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