Family Craft: How to Make New Year Wish Box


Holiday Craft: How to Make New Year Wish Box


One of my new favorite New Year's traditions is to think of the year ahead and make wishes as a family for what we would love to see happen. This project is a fun family craft and something that will help you keep track of all of those fantastic wishes. These little tins could be used for any number of things! Wishes for Santa, "Good Job" treats, Advent activities, tooth fairy tins, and anything else your imagination can come up with.

Once you have created one of these, you can use the magnetic back to stick it on the fridge for safe keeping throughout the year. We have three of them on our fridge right now. Can you guess what our wishes are?

New Year Wish Box by Realistically Domestic

How to Make New Year Wish Boxes


  • Tin Boxes (Altoid tins work great! Or you can order some online)
  • Chalkboard Paint
  • Chalk
  • Business Card Magnets
  • Paper, Markers, etc.


  • Stick the magnets on the back of the tins, cut to size.
  • Paint the tops with chalkboard paint. Two to three coats for best results.
  • Allow to dry and fill with your New Year's wish!
  • Let the kiddos decorate their own wish tickets to put in the tins.
  • Put the box on the fridge and come back next New Year's Eve to see if your wish came true!
  • This project can also be used as a "Good Job" tin. When your little one does something that they are supposed to, goes potty like a big kid, loses a tooth, etc. you can let them pull the tin from the fridge and pick out a treat! The possibilities are endless.

Do you make New Year's resolutions with your family?

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