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Old Fashioned Summer Watermelon Bust

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When I was young, watermelons had seeds. The seeds were not a nuisance, but rather something that was synonymous with summer fun. I have told my children stories about the games my friends and family used to play with watermelon seeds, but they just did not understand. They seemed to think that living with seeds in your watermelon was akin to living with bread before it was sliced.

I decided it was time to host my very own backyard watermelon bust party to show my kids just what fun they had been missing!

Most watermelons these days are seedless so I made a visit to my local Farmers Market in order to find a seeded one. Something that many may have forgotten is that the seeded watermelons tend to taste better. They are also oblong, which makes for superior slices.

The beauty of a watermelon bust is that other than the watermelon (make sure it is chilled) there is not much else needed in order to create a memorable and fun activity with your children. For maximum enjoyment, cut the watermelon into two inch wide slices divided in half for the classic semi-circle look. Leave the melon-baller and paring knife at home.

Summer Watermelon Bust

Here are some of the games you can play:

  • Have a seed spitting contest- See who can spit their seeds the farthest. We used sidewalk chalk to mark which seed belonged to which child.
  • Spit the seeds into a cup- The person with the most seeds in their cup wins. My oldest won with a whopping 16 in her cup!
  • Don't cross the line- Draw 2 lines with sidewalk chalk. Stand on one line and see if you can spit your seed as close as you can in front of, but not over, the other line.

In addition to all of the heaping slices of watermelon I made watermelon lemonade. I wanted to make it as easy and fun for the kids as possible, so no fancy stuff here.

To make it you need:

  • Your favorite powdered or frozen lemonade. Make as directed.
  • Cut up chunks of watermelon and put into your serving glass.
  • Crushed ice cubes inside the glass.
  • Slivers of watermelon and lemon plus a couple of colored straws for garnish.

My children really enjoyed the watermelon bust and asked when we could do it again. That's a win for this Mom!

What activities do you like to do with your family?

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