Organizing Children’s Homework Stations

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Now that school is beginning again it's time to think about homework and how to organize homework stations in your home. As the kids head back to school it is important that they have a designated space at home to do their homework. Whether it be a quiet spot in their bedroom or half the kitchen table, spending a little time getting them set up with show them you are invested in their success this year.

Tips for Organizing Your own Homework Station

Easy ways to create a homework station

1. Check out your space - What area can you give up for the kids? What area is just too noisy or ends up stacked with clutter? Determining a quiet area that won't get piled up with non-school materials is the first step in making your homework station work.

2. Ask your kids - If you don't already know what helps them work best, ask. Maybe being alone in their bedroom gives them the quiet they need to concentrate. Or maybe sitting in their room is too distracting and the kitchen table is where they would like to be. Find out what works for both you and them. This will let them begin developing their own personal study habits.

3. Clear it out and set some boundaries - Whatever area your kids will be using make sure it is easily accessible and not full of distractions. If you have multiple kids using the same space you can either set times for each to use the area or create some boundaries for each child's personal space.

Try a mini chalkboard to set a time schedule:

Homework at a homework station - Set a schedule to help them stay focused

Or let the kids design their own folders to create a border around where they will be working:

Creating a homework area

They can stay better focused when you help them eliminate distractions.

creating homework stations

4. Stock their area - If your kids are like mine, one missing eraser can send them off searching to never return. Try to keep a pencil box or storage bin of the things they will need most: ruler, pencils, pens, crayons, glue stick, etc. Having everything in one place will help to keep them from wandering away and getting off task.

Portable homework station

Try this adorable Portable Homework Station from Mom It Forward if you want a great way to organize the supplies your kids will need to get their work done properly.

5. Respect their work - As kids get older they will have more and more work that they insist NO ONE touch. Make sure you and the other members of the family respect their hard work. If they don't want it touched and your homework stations are out in the open, delegate a space in the house where work "to be saved" can go or give each child a bin to put their work safely away and save for the next day.

What do you do to organize homework stations in your home?

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