Activities: How To Stay Organized During the Summer

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In the lazy days of summer, we don't have to worry about school backpacks, homework, or lunches. That's a relief! Instead, we have to be organized for summer activities: the pool, the park, the beach, summer sports, camps, and the list goes on! With a little planning ahead, you can stay organized for all summer activities.

Maintain a Calendar System

First of all, be sure to keep track of activities on a calendar that everyone in the family can see. A visual reminder of what is coming up will help keep you prepared for those jam-packed days. You can also fill in the rest of the days with tentative activities like the pool, a movie, or lunch.

Keep Cool Drinks Nearby

No matter what summer activity you are doing or even if you are just running errands, it's a good idea to keep cool drinks on hand. I keep a small cooler in the back of my van. Each of my boys is responsible for getting a drink out of the fridge and adding it to the cooler before we head out of the house. My oldest son's duty is to get the ice blanket from the freezer and add it to the cooler. It's also his job to return it to the freezer when we get home.

Pack a "Summer Go Bag"

Another item that will make your summer a little easier is to have a "summer go bag." I'll admit that mine usually stays in the van. I fill it it with sunscreen, a first aid kit, baby powder (for easy sand removal), a change of clothes for each child, and a towel. Keeping a large picnic-sized blanket in your vehicle also helps with inpromptu stops at the park or beach as well.

Store Items in Storage Bins

When it comes to different summer activities, storage bins in the garage make it easy to keep everything together. One for the pool, one for the beach, one for soccer camp, one for the library, etc. In your beach container, keep a mesh bag for all the sand toys. Keep another container full of outside activities and yet another for rainy day activities.

While it sounds like a lot of work to organize, it will make for a smoother summer. Having a designated place to look for the right supplies and knowing where to store them for later will save you time and keep you organized.

How do you stay organized for summer?

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