Pajama Jeans: How to Dress Down Without Looking Frumpy


Are you at all like me? Work at home, managing your tasks tirelessly while balancing the demands as a spouse and/or mother, friend, volunteer? And then when you add navigating a wardrobe that is both nice, but comfortable on top of it, forget it. I'll dress up when I go out. But during the day, no thanks! Comfort is the name of the game. Can you relate?

When I first heard of Pajama Jeans, I thought, "What a crazy name?" I imagined pajama pants that were all the rage a few years ago in denim-looking fabric. But, when Pajama Jeans reached out to me one day before I was going to leave on a month-long trip, I told them if they could overnight them and get them to me before I left, I would be more than happy to try them out. And what landed on my doorstep the next day was anything but what I had imagined.

Pajama Jeans look like real jeans. They are of the dark blue variety, with yellow stitching and pockets in the back. They also have the same yellow stitching in the front to give the appearance of a zipper. The fabric is made out of cotton and lycra, giving you room to breathe. The legs are wide, so not too snug. And the waistband is stretchy.

I wore them on two plane rides, to sleep in several nights, and even wore them to climb to the top of a volcano, where I roasted marshmallows over hot lava. Said volcano erupted about a month later, pouring black ash all over Guatemala City. Good thing the Pajama Jeans weren't put to the test to high tail it down a grumbling mountain in 2 seconds flat, because I may not be here to be writing this review!

So, if you're tired of wearing sweats to carpool around town in, but still want to be comfy while doing it... or while working, or while traveling, or while climbing to the tops of volcanoes... try out Pajama Jeans.

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