PlayDoh Cake Makin’ Station


This Cake Makin' Station from Play-Doh is as yummy as it looks!  The kit comes with simple and kid-friendly accessories for hours of creativity.  My 5 year old literally was lost in it for 2 hours without a blink, and as a bonus, there was enough "action" going on to keep the baby's attention for awhile, too!

The fun centers around the cake decorating turntable.  You can "frost" the top of your cakes, load them into the turntable and spin it around your decorating assembly line.  The plunger at the top is super easy for small people to use, making it a snap to emboss the frosting in cool designs.  Turn it to the next station and the side plunger smooshes up the candles.  This was Baby's favorite feature!  Mom's favorite feature were the discreet arrow points that align around the edges of the turntable when your cakes are in the right positions to use the plungers, which avoided a lot of frustration.

Rachel loved making the cupcakes on the side, and is eager to try the ice cream cone idea on the side of the box.  It's fun for me to watch her developing  fine motor skills, patiently using the toothpick to gently coax her pressed shapes out of their forms.

The only drawback we could find might have been the number of cake forms.  The kit comes with four, but for a little pastry chef intent on a bakery full of beauty, more is better!  For the same reason, it might be hard to share this toy with more than one friend, but honestly, for my little baker, it was plenty captivating!  And for around $10 it is well worth the money.

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