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RSVP for Tuesday Twitter Party: Lawry’s Summer Grilling Tips

#gno information!

Mmmmm! Can you smell it? The backyard BBQ is firing up and lots of summer fun is right around the corner.

Are you as excited as I am for outdoor grilling season to begin? Want to learn the latest in grilling trends and what's on the summer forecast?

If so, join the #gno Twitter party this Tuesday, June 1 from 9-11 ET (8CT, 7MT, 6PT). What a better way to get grilling tips than to chat with the fabulous folks from Lawry's and other #gno gals. Details, including how to enter a Lawry's giveaway, are included below.



Note: Mom It Forward accepts paid sponsorships for most #gno Twitter parties. During the parties, brand sponsors provide tips, techniques, expert advice, and information on party topics. Mom It Forward is grateful for the giveaway prizes, coupons, and discounts that sponsors also provide to the Mom It Forward community in conjunction with #gno Twitter parties.

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An active part of the Mom It Forward team, Jyl primarily writes about parenting, social good, and all things travel related. In a past life, Jyl was an award-winning copywriter and designer of corporate training programs for Fortune 100 companies. Offline, Jyl is married to @TroyPattee; a mom to two teen boys and a beagle named #Hashtag; loves large amounts of cheese, dancing, and traveling; and lives in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Topping her bucket list is the goal to visit 50 countries by the time she's 50.

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35 responses to “RSVP for Tuesday Twitter Party: Lawry’s Summer Grilling Tips”

  1. Lea Ann says:

    I’m a grilling idiot. Any and all advice will certainly raise my BBQ IQ.

  2. NJJ says:

    Can’t wait I So LOVE BBQ Season! 😀

  3. DaDa Rocks! says:

    I love BBQ season! We’re grilling today!

  4. destiny says:

    cant wait we use lawrys on so much!!!

  5. crystal says:

    cant wait @lovemy21b

  6. Kristen Eby says:

    can’t wait…we love Lawry’s when we grill!

  7. Melissa Lawrence says:

    Yay! It’s that time again!

  8. Emily says:

    I’m a grilling idiot. Any and all advice will certainly raise my BBQ IQ.

  9. Sarah Hirsch says:

    grilling = summer !

  10. We use Lawry’s a lot. Never get tired of grilled foods!

  11. Lisa Emanuele says:

    sounds like fun! @lstyle22

  12. Jeannine says:

    I love grilling.

  13. sandra z says:

    I’m a griller all year round, thanks for the party!

  14. Kathleen says:

    Sounds fun! I love their seasoning salts and mixes.

  15. Trisha Alner says:

    we are big grillers at our house

  16. Thrilled to panel tonight!

  17. Courteney Handel says:

    Can’t wait! @dollyflake

  18. Our grill is bigger than our TV!

  19. Holly says:

    I <3 all things grilling!

  20. Sidney Cook says:

    Hope to make it for at least part of the party @AnnickVer

  21. Amber Smith says:

    Ready to party with #lawrys

  22. Shannon Schulte says:

    Awesome! @sethandshannon1

  23. paula schuck says:

    I would love to try the maple and chipotle flavour or bourbon and brown sugar. They all sound awesome.


  24. terri bruney says:

    I’m hungry!

  25. missbobloblaw says:

    Its Summertime! WOOOOOO Bring on the BBQ!

  26. Stephanie R says:


    Love Lawry’s! Great seasonings for great prices 🙂

  27. JULIE says:

    Im at the party we love grilling 4 times a week or more @waterbluffy

  28. amanda valenti says:

    Attending! @MandaPanda429

  29. neljo mullins says:

    We use Lawry’s a lot. Never get tired of grilled foods!

  30. amy says:

    I hope i’m not too late to join in!! @leahsmama

  31. Elizabeth DeHart says:

    Thanka, Jyl. @abbyalex

  32. Your Retail Helper says:

    Thanks for the party!

  33. Mary C. says:

    I left my link and joined the party Tues. Night!


  34. […] goal this summer is to finally master the grill. I got the spark of inspiration by all the ladies tweeting about grilling during the Girls Night Out sponsored by Lawry’s. So many of you gals have taken the grill away from your husbands and […]

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