#gno information!

RSVP to Discuss Back-to-School Survival on #GNO Tuesday on Twitter

#gno information!

Girl on the Playground_Crayola_Back to School_Backpack Looking for tips on how to transition from summer break to back to school? Then tweet the night away with other Mom It Forward gals at #gno this Tuesday on Twitter as we talk about back-to-school survival.

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An active part of the Mom It Forward team, Jyl primarily writes about parenting, social good, and all things travel related. In a past life, Jyl was an award-winning copywriter and designer of corporate training programs for Fortune 100 companies. Offline, Jyl is married to @TroyPattee; a mom to two teen boys and a beagle named #Hashtag; loves large amounts of cheese, dancing, and traveling; and lives in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Topping her bucket list is the goal to visit 50 countries by the time she's 50.

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152 responses to “RSVP to Discuss Back-to-School Survival on #GNO Tuesday on Twitter”

  1. I will be there!!

    tiaras_tantrums – twitter id

  2. I’ll be there. @Mel4Him

  3. @Levitanl would not miss it! 🙂

  4. Teresa says:

    I’ll be popping in. Hopefully I’ll be able to follow the tweetgrid better this time
    twitter id: thymeofmylife

  5. AutumH says:

    I’m going to try as I could definitely use the advice on transitioning to back to school mode and it will be a great opportunity to chat and meet new people!

  6. will be there @girlfriendceleb
    Great topic. Looking forward to it!

  7. me too! TxCloverAngel on Twitter

  8. colleen says:

    I am just learning how to tweet… but back to school is one of my fave topics. i would love to join you and give it a try..


  9. cindy-ann says:

    I willb e there @FAMILY_TIES

  10. If you are new to Twitter or #gno, I just posted a Twitter/#gno tutorial. Please check it out and let me know if you have other questions, found it useful, need additional help, etc. I plan to add pictures, a video, and keep this organic so newbies feel more welcome and not so overwhelmed during their first Twitter experience or at their first #gno party. Your feedback is appreciated!!! xoxoxoxo


  11. I’m going to try #gno for the first time this week!


  12. Peggy Gorman says:

    Thanks for the invite! Sounds fun

  13. Kia says:

    Thanks for the tutorial Jyl, I will try to be there to #gno this week
    My first party, great topic!


  14. angie says:

    would love to join in shopannies is the ID

  15. Sarah says:

    I will do my best to make it to #gno — I am working that night so if I can I will do my best. Plus… I am new to twitter. Hopefully I will learn fast.

  16. colleen says:

    @colleen_mouse will join…also a crayola giveaway on my blog

  17. Jenn Elton says:

    I am a twitter idiot at the moment but I am going to try it out because this sounds fun.


  18. @brandyellen says:

    I linked @brandyellen above – so will be there!!

  19. Brenda Keller says:

    ok…not sure exactly how this works….but my twitter id is: BrendaAtHome

  20. Kelly says:

    Looking forward to it!

  21. ChefLikes says:

    I will be there. Twitter ID: likes2bchef

  22. Tara Rison says:

    Sounds fun! I will be there!


  23. I’ll be there and will be giving away 4 Crayola prize packs on my blog!

    Twitter ID: MoneySavingMadn

  24. My children started school LAST week and one of them has already been out sick. I need all the help I can get. LOL! Twitter ID: GoodLifeDiva

  25. I will be there!

    Twiter Id: @chickcraftychick

  26. Aimie says:

    Can’t wait!
    Twitter id: justneedcoffee

  27. Karen says:

    I will try to tweet. (first timmer)
    twitter id: mom2waddel

  28. Stephanie says:

    I will be there. I can always use more ideas on how to prepare for back 2 school.


  29. Marcia S says:

    Last week I never really did figure out the GNO process,but I’m going to try it again!


  30. Deirdre says:

    Can’t wait!

  31. I will be there, school starts in these parts next Thursday so it is very timely and totally on my mind.

  32. Forgot my Twitter id: @madonnacramer

  33. jasmine says:

    rsvping for tweet party
    tweet id chawksgirl4ever

  34. trin says:

    twitter me IN, @ taulya

  35. Angela says:

    I will be there!


  36. […] Click Here To Enter addthis_url = 'http%3A%2F%2Fwww.contestformoms.com%2Farchives%2Fdaily-pick-crayola-mom-it-forward-back-to-school-giveaway%2F'; addthis_title = 'Daily+Pick%3A+Crayola+%26%23038%3B+Mom+It+Forward+Back+To+School+Giveaway%21'; addthis_pub = 'adc1976'; […]

  37. Dee says:

    Being induced Wed morning….but as long as baby doesnt come on Tuesday(today)-I’ll bee there!!! @twoofakind

  38. I will be there with bel’s on.

  39. I’ll be there!

  40. I’ll do my best to be there. It’s kinda late for my time zone but I’ll try!


  41. Donna K says:

    I plan to be there @donnak4

  42. Excited about another fun night with Crayola!


  43. Jerri Ann says:

    Ok, I’m in I just got internet about 15 minutes ago but surely be evening I will be out of the proverbial inbox hole

  44. madly59 says:

    I am on call again tonight ..but I am planning on being at the party if I can! madly59 on twitter!

  45. 3 kids in school this yr Go Crayola what a surprise

  46. Charity says:

    @ccboobooy Thanks

  47. Kelly says:

    So psyched for this tonight!

  48. Jingle says:

    I am hoping to be there for some if it. Gotta be up at 5, so 11 is a bit too late for me! I love Crayola! I buy myself a box of crayons every year because they are my all time favorite thing!

  49. Abby says:

    I am planning on being there, first timer.

    My fave Crayola product of all time is the fat washable marker. I LOVE using them, and they wash out really well from my kids

  50. Abby says:

    oh yeah… lol. I’m twitter.com/abideedles

  51. Count me IN!


  52. Carissa says:

    alright… it’s been a whole… two weeks… I’m ready for my #GNO fix!

  53. I’m in! See you tonight.

  54. Jennifer says:

    @jleighdesignz See you then! Hope I can figure it out!

  55. Haven’t done this before but it sounds great. Will be rushing to get kids to bed (west coast time) so I can join in the fun!


  56. Carlyn Canady says:

    I am hoping to get there for some of it!!!!

  57. Amy says:

    @AmyThue I will be there!

  58. MJ says:

    I’ll try to be there

    Twitter Id – sumrthyme


  59. Beverly says:


  60. I am looking forward.


  61. Michele P. says:

    I will be visiting for a bit!



  62. Stefanie says:

    I hope to be able to pop in. Sure do miss #gno!

  63. Stefanie says:

    ooops… twitter name @momsmostwanted

  64. Hoping to be there http:twitter.com/raisingolives

  65. Noreen says:

    It’s been a while, but I will participate for a bit! Thanks

  66. Christine says:

    I am so there!


  67. Christi says:

    I’m planning on being there! @christis

  68. I will {finally} be there this week! 🙂 @katjrobertson

    Kat @ For the Love of Chaos | http://www.SenileMOMentia.com

  69. I will {finally} be there this week! http://twitter.com/katjrobertson

    Kat @ For the Love of Chaos

  70. amanda says:

    Looking forward to my first #gno I need help!!!


  71. shellie says:

    Can’t wait for my first #gno!! I hope I can get it!!


  72. brandy says:

    my twitter id is @notimemommy

  73. CarolinaMama says:

    I’m there for sure! Look forward to it! @CarolinaMama See ya soon!

  74. demchicks says:

    i would love to be there for my first GNO but tonight is my 9 year anniversry so if someone could pretty please just send me some highlights I would forever be your follower!!!

  75. I’m already there..lol @RachelFerrucci

  76. Stacey says:

    I’ll be there!

  77. UsborneJody says:

    Be there or be square!

  78. jennifer says:

    I’m looking forward to it. As a former teacher, I kinda miss this time of the year.

  79. Melissa Barnes says:

    FIrst twitter party – I am excited @lovinmykiddos

  80. Lee-Ann says:

    I’ll try and participate. gordy93

  81. Gwenn says:

    Love to join!

  82. Jean M. says:

    Sign me up! @workingmomma247

  83. Sounds like fun, thanks for another great topic!


  84. Gwenn says:

    Oops I think I forgot to add my twitter ID it’s: TheRedheadedOne..mommy brain has struck!

  85. http://www.twitter.com/totally_toni

    I will be there I am home with sick kiddos so I can be here tonight

  86. I’m excited for tonight! Getting ready to send oldest to preschool and need advice!

  87. jessica says:

    will be there for a bit @peekababy

  88. Christine says:

    I’m here – justicecw

  89. Heather says:

    I’m there! (@justheather)

  90. RSVPing (a little late… but I’m ready!) @parentingTwins on twitter.

  91. Tanya Wilson says:

    rsvp’ing for #gno http://twitter.com/Twincere


  92. Lolli says:

    I almost forgot to RSVP–I’m tweeting! http://twitter.com/1momof5

  93. Mandy says:

    Popping in late! @amndaj

  94. Sara Sophia says:

    I’ll be catching the tail end of it–but I am on my way there:)

    <3 sarasophia

  95. I’m there – off and on. Getting ready to go out of town for a funeral so I’ll be at the party as I can.


  96. Erin Dvorak says:

    This is so cool. I am very new to the world of twitter and just stumbled upon this. My boys are not quite school age (3 1/2 and 19 mos), but ya’ll have some great info and advise. Thanks so much.!

  97. I’m so excited about this!!! @Beauty4Moms I’m on board!

  98. I joined the Facebook Crayola page! Ashley Walkup

  99. Beauty4MomsJoin #gno Tues from 9-11 ET for back-to-school survival chat w/#Crayola. RSVP: http://bit.ly/b9Fuc PLS RT

    Tweet #1

  100. Beauty4MomsGIVEAWAY! Enter 4 a chance 2 win #Crayola’s Pip Squeaks back-to-school gift pack @ http://bit.ly/YkAai (ret val $200) PLS RT

    Tweet #2

  101. MrsAshleyWalkup at gmail dot com

    I would love to win this!!!

  102. Nancye Davis says:

    Twitter ID: NancyeDavis

    nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net

  103. Sara Sophia says:

    Forgot to leave my Twitter I.D.:) It is sarasophia.



  104. paula schuck says:

    I will try to pop by even though I should be packing big time for big road trip to Ohio. Will need a break anyways. Crayola rocks!

  105. paula schuck says:

    Ooops I forgot my twitter ID too..

  106. Angie says:

    I’ll be there. @pricousins

  107. Michelle says:



  108. Vickie Couturier says:

    Im going to be there!

  109. Jenny says:

    I will be there @turtlesundaes

  110. Marcia S says:

    Third times a charm, right? The first GNO I couldn’t figure it out. Last week I was visiting my new grandbaby and didn’t get back in time. Hoping to be here tomorrow night. My twitter id is:


  111. Jennifer M says:

    I will be there!

  112. trin says:

    twitter in @taulya
    Love the crayola sidewalk chalk
    taulya at hotmail dot com

  113. madly59 says:

    We buy everything Crayola …my kids always want the biggest box of crayons and the markers , every time we go shopping! madly59

  114. hminnesota says:

    I will be there @hminnesota

  115. Jamie says:


  116. Rebecca N. says:

    Sounds fun! Count me in please!

  117. Jen says:

    Planning to attend! http://twitter.com/frelle

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