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Service: 10 Ways to Pay It Forward as a Family

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Most parents have a desire to instill in their child a sense of nurturing, empathy, and care for others. We want to teach our kids to "pay it forward" and love one another. Volunteering of our time, money, or abilities is a great way to teach our children these traits. When you lead by example, it will make an even stronger impact. Performing service for others is a great way to "pay it forward".


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Family Service Ideas—10 Ways to Pay It Forward

  1. Give blessing bags to the homeless: Simply fill a 1-gallon plastic zip bag with items such as granola bars, a bottle of water, a pocket Bible, a travel toothbrush and toothpaste, chapstick, deodorant, etc.
  2. Visit the local senior center: Bring flowers, play games, and have fun! Consider "adopting" a grandparent and make regular visits to someone who may not have family nearby.
  3. Volunteer at a pet adoption site.
  4. Arrange a neighborhood yard sale for charity. Bonus: Sell lemonade for extra donations.
  5. Pick up trash at your local park.
  6. Leave coloring books and crayons in the waiting area of the doctor, car repair center, etc.
  7. Visit the local hospital and read to the children who are patients.
  8. Donate to a food bank.
  9. Donate books to the library.
  10. Love your local heroesMake a big plate of cookies or a home cooked meal, then visit the local fire station and let the fire fighters know how much you appreciate their service. In most cases, the kids will even have a chance to check out the fire engine and maybe even slide down the pole!

Try out different opportunities until you find something that works well for your family. Consider trying a new activity each month, and get your friends involved.

What other opportunities would you add to the list? What does your family do to "pay it forward"?

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