Snow Canyon State Park

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Are you looking for a fun getaway that doesn't cost a ton of money? Consider going to to a National or State Park in your area. Our family had never been to Snow Canyon State Park in Southern Utah. We packed up the kids and drove 3 1/2 hours to the beautiful city of St. George, Utah. The red rock and warmer temperatures, made us feel like we were far away from home.

Snow Canyon State Park

There are many ways to explore Snow Canyon State Park. You can do it on foot, horseback, or bike. It isn't a huge park, but it offers so many fun things to do. This state park is a 7,400 acre park tucked amid lava flow, soaring sandstone cliffs, and striking dessert landscape. Here are a few of the things you can do while you are there.

Snow Canyon State Park

Snow Canyon State Park

  • Camping - Did you know you can camp in a State park? We stayed in a hotel right outside the entrance, but next time we go to Snow Canyon, we will plan ahead and book a camp site. The campground is in a peaceful spot surrounded by ancient lava flows and red Navajo sandstone. While you are camping, you will experience all the beautiful surroundings right from one spot.
  • Cycling - There are a lot of cyclists in this park. They ride to the top of the entrance and coast down the smooth paved roads. This is definitely something I'd like to try.
  • Canyoneering - We saw a few experienced climbers on the rocks as we entered the park. There is also an area where you can scale the rocks without equipment.
  • Sand Dunes - Take a moment and sink your feet in the soft sand. You want to make sure you go early or not on a super hot day. The sand can get be hot on your feet. My 11 year old wanted us to bury him in the soft velvety sand. So fun. It is also fun to make red sand angels while you are watching rock climbers adjacent to the dunes.
  • Geocaching - I have been told that you can go geocaching in the park. This isn't something we have ever tried before, but it is nice to know you can.
  • Hiking - There are over 20 hiking trails in this state park. They range from easy to difficult. The entrance fee into the park was only $6. It is easily something you could experience in one day. Trails are well marked. One of the most hiked trails is the Pioneer Names trail, where you can view a modern panel where early settlers carved their names into the wall. We liked hiking on a trail that overlooked the entire valley. After stopping to take in the view, snap a few jumping pictures.
  • Lava Tubs - This is a must. Follow the Lava Flow Whiterocks trail head for less than a mile, and enjoy venturing deep into these spectacular caves. They are awesome! Bringing a flashlight and a few glow sticks. When we reached the bottom, we turned out our lights and sprayed glow stick dust on the rocks. Really cool! The rocks are sharp and can cut you, so go slow as you climb down into the caves. We even saw a few bats to spice up our hike. I believe there are 3 caves. We only went to 2 of them.
  • Jumping pictures - And last but not least, take a few jumping pictures from off the rocks. We spent over 30 minutes doing this as a family. It was fun to see who could get the most height.

In the summer, Snow Canyon gets extremely hot. I strongly suggest bringing lots of water, sunscreen, a hat, and a camera. Have fun!

What is your favorite State Park?

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