Spring Cleaning Can Make You Happy—Really!

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I love spring for many reasons: warmer weather, celebrating my birthday, blooming flowers, and most of all... because it’s time for spring cleaning! While this phrase may not generate the same excitement for you as it does for me, follow these tips, and I promise, you’ll start the season with a bounce in your step, clear space in your mind, and a better organized home!

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Just Use These 7 Tips

1. Formulate a Plan and Set Reasonable Goals

Decide which areas of your home need to be cleaned, then allocate time to get it done. Allow time for distractions so you won’t get discouraged if you don't make as much progress as you had hoped. Remember, be realistic!

2. Have Cleaning and Organizing Supplies on Hand

There is nothing more frustrating than starting an organizing project only to find that you’re out of supplies. Be prepared! For the best Janitorial Products Birmingham contact us today!

kids can help with cleaning 3.  Involve Your Family

Spring cleaning isn’t just your job. Divide the list by family member, so that everyone is accountable for something. Even young children can be responsible for small jobs. For example, school age children can sort through gloves at the end of the season and discard any that don’t fit or are missing a mate.

4. Tackle One Area At A Time

It’s more efficient and sanity-saving to work on one area at a time. Focus on a specific coat closet and complete that project before moving onto the next one. You’ll have more of a sense of accomplishment if one area is completely organized than if many areas are only partly finished.

5. Tote Your Cleaning Supplies with You 

For more efficient cleaning, fill a bucket with basics that need to be toted from room to room: all-purpose and glass-cleaning sprays, a sponge, a toothbrush, a scrub brush, and rags.

6. Group Like Things Together and Contain Loose Items

Group like things together such as batteries and chargers. Store loose items in a labeled container that can be stacked in a closet or on a shelf.

7. Spring Clean on Your Timeline

Don't follow trends, follow your family's schedule. If spring is way too busy for cleaning, do it in the summer! Your kids will be out of school and it can become an even bigger family affair.


Barbara Reich is a professional organizer based in New York, NY. Her tough-love approach turns organization and clutter from chore to lifestyle. Her book, “Secrets of an Organized Mom” is on shelves now.  To find more tips from Barbara, please visit or

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Barbara Reich is a professional organizer based in New York, NY. Her tough love approach turns organization and clutter from chore to lifestyle. Barbara’s book, “Secrets of an Organized Mom” hit bookshelves in February 2013.


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