Makeup and Hair Secrets: How to Look Good this Spring

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QUESTION: As professional Makeup & Hair Artists, how do you know what colors to gear up for each season?

ANSWER: We don't :), we just know what to watch for so we can be ahead of the game. We work all over the globe on lots of celebrities, musicians, magazines, catalogs, billboards, movies and TV.  As you read this, I'll be heading to Irvine for a shoot, and then on to Austria for a feature film... I guess you could say we get paid to know a few simple tricks that we're about to share with you.

Makeup and Hair Secrets for Spring Fashion

Color is Key

Does it surprise you that runways are loaded with similar color palettes each season and that home furnishings and makeup palettes magically host the same rainbow of colors? Well, here's a little secret you may not know....shhhhhh....Color charts for the entire beauty and design industry come out 2 years in advance! That's right, so that's how we, too, can watch the color trends closely.


We make sure our makeup palettes are loaded well in advance so that by the time our work appears before the general public, we can be setting those trends.

With those colors in hand ahead of time, we were able to do a makeup tutorial back in the fall using colors we knew would be on the horizon this spring. It was a "Hippie" look for Halloween, but you can still follow this makeup tutorial and be right in line with the current color trend. By the way, you may want to omit the painted on flowers though—just sayin. Lol!

Applying Color Concepts

Here are some samples of some of the makeup and hair trends we recently created, see the HILARY WEEKS MUSIC VIDEO SHOOT.

  And the following photos are from a new MERCY RIVER VIDEO SHOOT.


In all of these looks, the lips are in the current pantone tints, but we were basically going for soft, clear complexions with a pop of color to accentuate the eyes. There are all sorts of tricks for bringing the "pop" to the eyes, but as you look at the pantone palette above, we'll leave you with a very simple recipe for success.


  • BLUE EYES: Tangerine Tango, Sodalite Blue, Cockatoo, Driftwood
  • GREEN EYES: Cabaret, Sweet Lilac, Margarita, Cockatoo, Starfish
  • LIGHT BROWN EYES: Solar Power, Margarita, Tangerine Tango, Starfish
  • DARK BROWN EYES: Sweet Lilac, Cabaret, Sodalite Blue, Bellflower, Driftwood

Spring Hairstyles

One more thing: What about hair trends for this spring? Braids, braids, and more braids. And fun adornment and headbands. That's it.

In fact, here are some perfect simple hairstyles. Yes headbands are HUGE. 🙂 For you do-it-yourself-ers, here is a super simple DIY headband tutorial. If you have long dreadlocks, be sure to use products for locs that can help keep them healthy.

What are some of your favorite Makeup and Hair trends?

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