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Stanley Steemer: Tuesday #gno Twitter Party

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That time of year is almost here—Super Bowl Sunday! According to the National Chicken Council’s 2012 Wing Report, Super Bowl Sunday is the second biggest eating holiday behind Thanksgiving. With the big game comes big prep and cleanup!


Even the most diligent person can’t do it alone. While some may be intimidated by the mess left by overly-excited fans, there are a few suggestions to help you get through the clean-up and salvage your home from the nacho cheese caked in the carpet and the deep drink spills on the couch.

Stanley Steemer's Game Day Clean-Up Tips

Get your home back to pre-game conditions by following the following tips from Stanley Steemer’s game day clean-up playbook:

Help your guests help you

Have garbage cans and recycling bins in an accessible and convenient location. If it is tough to find a garbage can, plates and cups are more likely to get stacked all over the house.

Clean as you go

During commercials, grab a few friends and do a quick recycle run so that there's less clutter when the game is done. If they help … extra wings for them!

Blitz quick on spills

Don’t let the clock countdown to zero on spills...especially with wine. Do yourself/upholstery a favor and act immediately on them. Did a guest spill a little red on the couch? Use white wine to help fight the spot .

Don’t give up on stubborn spots

If your guests really did a number on the house, give yourself a break and get help from the pros. Stanley Steemer offers deep cleaning services to help your home top to bottom; from carpet and hardwood floors, to upholstery and tile.

For more information about cleaning, be sure to visit: http://stanleysteemer.com. Also, be sure to join the Twitter party on Tuesday, January 29!

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Join Stanley Steemer, Mom It Forward, and our panel of experts as we chat about Super Bowl clean-up. The party will be held on Tuesday, January 29 from 9-10 p.m. ET (8CT, 7MT, 6PT). Click here to see details about the giveaway and enter for a chance to win.

Party Details

RT @MomItForward Join the @StanleySteemer #gno Twitter party 1/29 (9-10 ET) on cleaning http://bit.ly/WUObpT #StanleySteemer PLS RT

Note: Mom It Forward accepts paid sponsorships for most #gno Twitter parties. During the parties, brand sponsors provide tips, techniques, expert advice, and information on party topics. Mom It Forward is grateful for the giveaway prizes, coupons, and discounts that sponsors also provide to the Mom It Forward community in conjunction with #gno Twitter parties.

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